Only there was one notable absence. One they wouldn’t think about until later.

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Breakfast finished, they cleared and cleaned up before sauntering out into the garden.  “I can’t tell you how beautiful this is, or how it touches my heart.  I’ve always appreciated gardens, but I don’t think I truly loved them until now.  Your garden is exquisite.  The colour, the vibrancy, the aroma, the layout, you want to be here, you want to roam, you want to sit, and I’m never sure which to do first!”  she laughed.

“The last foster home I was in had a magnificent garden and I spent many happy hours in it, tending it.  Don’t know how I made the leap from wanting to become a gardener to architecture, but it happened, in the garden no less.  I had to have a garden in my yard, it was a must have!  I’m delighted with this one.”

“It’s the last day of the festival, how about we go participate and enjoy?”

“Great idea.”  It took longer than anticipated to arriver however as more earthly pleasures took over and it was mid day before they made their way to the fair.  Once there, they visited each stall, bought a few items (Maggy couldn’t resist Martha’s home-made fudge) although she could barely resist the chocolate covered popcorn.  Trent grabbed it and they shared an amused glance at each other and laughed, “Later?”


They met up with Maggy’s parents and they shared a burger and fries together, laughing at the antics of the kids.  The last event was the fireworks and everyone began moving toward the far side of the park and settled in to await the event.  Music played softly and it wasn’t long before the announcer, a big burly guy named Phil, took the stage.  “And now for your delight and ours, the much-anticipated fireworks thanks to the charitable donations made by Trent Harris and Mike Jones we can now enjoy!”

“My heartfelt thanks to all the participants, volunteers, coordinators and visitors for making this year’s festival so memorable!”  Loud cheering and clapping followed and the music began once again during the final prep for the show.

Maggy whispered, “Looks like everyone came!”

Only there was one notable absence. One they wouldn’t think about until later.

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