Cherry hoped the jury understand the nuance, the subtlety, behind the words the defendant had uttered.

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Cherry hoped the jury understand the nuance, the subtlety, behind the words the defendant had uttered.  In essence, he was telling them he wouldn’t stop, couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop; that killing was more than a compulsion, he enjoyed it.  More than that, he enjoyed stalking his prey.  

Samual Frakes didn’t want to get caught and had managed to cover his tracks well for over a decade because he studied his ‘prey’ and in some instances knew them better than they knew themselves.  Until Jon Jamison.  He’d underestimated his intelligence, his savvy and his ability and desire to fight back.  On some level Jamison had become an adversary as well as a prey.  A delightful exciting adversary and as such he’d slipped up, focusing on him more than his own actions and that slip up had been his downfall and the reason he’d been caught.  But the crux of what of his speech was that given half a chance, he’d happily do it all again. 

He’d taken four innocent lives…all younger men and woman but only the ones he decided were worthwhile adversaries.  During his interrogation, he’d pointed out their flaws and weaknesses but also the attributes that made them worth going after.

In John’s case, it was because he was a lawyer, his rapier wit, his stellar intelligence, his notoriety (being in the public eye regularly) all added to the challenge of getting to him. 

He’d seen him on television and become intrigued.  He’d learned all he could about him before beginning his campaign of terror.  Jon had valiantly fought back, left clues, become a willing target and included several friends on the force and they’d managed to snag Frakes in his own net.  It had been a good day for all.

As Jamison sat in the courtroom watching stead of interrogating, he finally felt the stress pain sorrow yield, giving way to relief.  He’d watched the jury throughout the trial and if he’d read them right, Frakes had no chance.  His fate was sealed.  He’d spend the rest of his unnatural life behind bars.  Rubbing the now healed injury to his left arm, he allowed himself to smile while thinking, ‘you’re done for you piece of garbage’! Humanity was safe from his evil deluded mind.

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