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Castlehaven By the Sea

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Maggy’s parents joined them bringing large mugs of hot chocolate which they gratefully accepted and they chatted about the fair and how well it had done this year.  Before long it was dark enough to begin the fireworks and a test shot rose into the air.  A few minutes passed and the music started up again.

Jerome had always taken care of the fireworks, and he’d done a stellar job and this year, he added something extra.   The fireworks were timed to the music and they seemed to dance in the air – colourful, exciting, and great fun.  They all laughed in unison at the children’s responses.  The oohs and awes were unanimous and heartfelt.  Trent leaned into Maggy then wrapped an arm around her.

When it was time to head home, they assisted in gathering her parents belongings and they walked home side by side giddy with delight as they recalled the special fireworks they’d enjoyed. 

Trent moved closer and whispered, “Coming home with me?”  Maggy nodded her agreement then whispered back, “I have to get a change of clothes first.  You mind?”

“Not at all.  Especially if it includes another set of frilly lingerie.”  He winked and she blushed, actually blushed chiding herself, ‘omg’.

She gathered some items together and stuffed them into a backpack and they sat and chatted for awhile before her parents headed up to bed.  “Goodnight all.  Talk at you tomorrow!”

Trent and Maggy headed out.  Walking hand in hand, they enjoyed the scenery and stopped every now and again to share several hot interludes.  When they arrived at Trent’s, he unlocked the door and they pushed their way in and up the stairs.

It wasn’t until the following morning they noticed the carnage.  Maggy noticed first and called Trent and he raced through the French doors into what was left of his magnificent garden, and it wasn’t much.  The entire garden had been weed-whacked and there was nothing left standing except for a few tulips in the far corner.

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