Neither the distance or position of the body backed up the husband’s story which meant he was full of b.s.

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Neither the distance or position of the body backed up the husband’s story which meant he was full of b.s.  According to him, she must have raced into the house for some reason and tripped, hitting her head on the corner of the island countertop (he’d pointed to the blood on it) and the blow must have caused her death. 

He further stated he’d immediately attempted CPR even though he was sure she was already dead and had called police when his attempts at resuscitation had failed.  More bull crap since the victim was lying face down on the kitchen floor and you couldn’t perform CPR in the woman’s current position and why would he turn her over and reposition her body after CPR?  Also, her body was positioned too far from the counter to have struck it, not to mention there were no injuries to indicate she’d accidentally fallen and hit her head which meant the scene was staged. 

The victim was dressed in shorts and halter top, the gardening tools just outside the door suggesting she’d been enjoying the afternoon gardening, especially considering a light coating of dirt clung to her clothes.  Oddly enough though, there was more dirt clinging to her left foot than the running shoes themselves.  Even if she’d come running inside as he’d suggested and tripped, causing the one shoe to come off, why did she have dirt on her barefoot?  Dixie bent down and using a gloved hand, slid the shoe off and found dirt embedded on the bottom of both feet which meant she hadn’t been wearing running shoes as the scene suggested.

From the moment she’d heard his story and walked onto the scene, she’d known it was bogus.  Who did he think he was dealing with, amateurs?  Dixie and her partner had over 25 years’ worth of experience between them.  This wasn’t their first rodeo and it wouldn’t be their last. 

The husband was sitting outside on a lawn chair surrounded by neighbours all commiserating with him, shaking their heads in concern. All except for one woman who seemed ‘delighted’ was too strong a word, perhaps relieved was a better one. 

So was there some hanky panky going on between these two?  Her amorous looks certainly suggested that was the case, and if so, perhaps that was the motive for the woman’s untimely demise.

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