“I’m with you! I think there are far more pleasurable ways to get exercise myself.”

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Straightening Trent said, “I believe you know Gerald Morrisey.”

The police chief glanced sideways at Maggy.  “Yes I do.”

“He’s been observing our activities with telescopes and binoculars as well as following us around.  He doesn’t seem pleased with the attention I’ve been showering on Maggy.”

“You think that’s reason enough to set your place on fire and cut down your garden?”

“I believe he’s besotted with Maggy and has been for some time from what I hear.”

“That may be, but I certainly don’t think he’d act out like this.”

“I think you need to keep an eye on him.  Stop him from doing something dangerous that could put someone’s life in jeopardy.”

“I’ll look into it,” he said, but there was no heat in his words and Trent knew without a doubt he’d discarded the idea before he’d turned and walked away.  Trent’s only recourse was to find help elsewhere and he’d contact Gareth Friendly as soon as the Police Chief left to bring him up to date.

Maggy slid her hands down the front of her jeans and said, “I guess that was a waste of time.”

“Possibly.  Depends on whether he’s able to do his job and see the facts or whether he’s more interested in looking out for his nephew.”

“Let’s hope it’s the first, then!  I mean, he’s been a great, he’s taken care of the town efficiently, honourably and I know he’s an honourable man, it’s just that I’m not sure he can see or wants to see the truth about his nephew.”

“He may be forced to see it whether he wants to or not, and if he doesn’t take charge, it could spell trouble for him down the road.”

Maggy asked, “Do you have a couple of rakes?  I’ll help clean this mess up.”

“Thanks, but the gardeners are due tomorrow and I have more enjoyable pursuits in mind.”  He grabbed her and twirled her around before pulling her tightly to his chest. 

“I’m with you!  I think there are far more pleasurable ways to get exercise myself.”

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