Hello everyone. I wanted to quickly explain my absence.

My computer died and I’m going to have to rebuild which will take time. I couldn’t get my laptop to work as it required $130.00 to microsoft office in order to use it and all my stories are in the cloud and I couldn’t get to them.

Thankfully my son has found a way into wp and |I am now able to write my stories once again and hence, be able to play. So, hopefully I will inundate you with articles and stories once |I figure out how to use the laptop. Please excuse any mistakes because at the moment, I don’t know how to fix them, lol. Life is about learning, right? And your never too old to learn something new…and it’s a curve. So thank you, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming stories.

Thank you for your patience. Great being back! wooot

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Sun May 3 , 2020
“You don’t believe he’ll do much, do you?” he asked \Maggy, noting the look on her face.

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