“You don’t believe he’ll do much, do you?” he asked \Maggy, noting the look on her face.

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“I’m sure you have heard of the issues |Maggy has had in the past with Gave |Morrissey.  Seems he doesn’t appreciate my dancing attention on her.”

“What makes you think there’s a connection?”

“Timing.  The fire happened right after we were together, and the garden after the second time we spent time together.  That and the fact I’ve seen him watching us with binoculars or a telescope from his father’s house.”

He didn’t seem impressed but Jacobs said he’d check it out anyway. Nodding at Maggy, he left.  Trent knew without hesitation, he wasn’t about to do anything. Blood thicker than water? he wondered.

“You don’t believe he’ll do much, do you?” he asked \Maggy, noting the look on her face.

“No.  He hasn’t before, I don’t see any reason for him to change now.”

“I’ll inform my contacts and Gareth Friendly and they’ll be interested to hear the latest.”

“This is so frustrating.  Not only because I want it to stop before the situation escalates further.  That and it’s not comfortable waiting for the other shoe to drop not knowing when or where it will happen, just knowing it will.  If it does, I’d rather he took it out on me, and not the people I know and love.”

“I hear you, Maggy.  I’ve come to know the community well, and I know they wouldn’t tolerate this nonsense if they knew.  They’d all take him to task for it, you can count on that.”

“I’m sure of it, but old Morrisey has carried a lot of weight around here for a long time.”

“That may be, but the locals value honesty and integrity and they wouldn’t condone the kind of harm he’s done or is capable of.”

“Thanks, |I appreciate your input.”  She shoved him, “Hey, how about a run down the beach?

“Think you can keep up, city girl?”

Trent immediately took advantage of the two seconds that had her jaw dropping to take off running and he had an impressive start before she even got started.  He slowed down to let her catch up then taunted her by running circles around her.  She finally stopped for air and said, “You’re evil!”

Nudging her he said, “I’ll give you a head start next time.”

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Either way, in her mind, it mattered that she try and right the wrong that had transpired as a result of his relationship with her. It just didn't sit right otherwise.

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