Dang, he couldn’t pry it out of any of them. What had she been up to, he wondered.

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Maggy decided she hadn’t worked this hard in years and although she pulled her weight, in all honesty, she had to admit the gardener truly doubled the amount of work she did and whistled while he did it, damn it. And as he packed up his gear, she noticed he hadn’t even broken a sweat while she needed at least an hour in a tub with scents and bath salts to ease her tired aching muscles. Glancing at the garden and its brilliant colour and lush foliage, she had to admit it was a labour of love and worth every moment of effort. She couldn’t help but wonder what Trent would think of it when he saw it. She hoped he’d enjoy it as much as she had in creating the design.

She headed home with a smile on her face and joy in every step. She took pictures with her phone before she left because she wanted to show the results to her parents. Being avid gardeners themselves, they’d appreciate it for sure.

She lazed in the tub for over an hour and felt considerably better, muscles eased and definitely refreshed and when she finished dressing, she was pleased with the extra effort she’d put into choosing her attire. Trent was due to arrive around six and they’d delayed dinner so he could join them.

She’d shown the garden to her parents and they were thrilled with the results and although it may look different than the original, it contained most of the same flowers and more importantly a lot of care.

Trent arrived shortly after six and explained the project he’d been working on was in Seattle and he’d had to fly out to oversee an upgrade the owners wanted to make to ensure it was structurally sound. People, he found, didn’t always follow the plan or altered it, and since it had his name on it, he was going to make sure it was done properly and no shortcuts were involved.

Maggy had texted him and said she had a surprise for him, but she refused to give him any hints and from the knowing glances that passed between her parents and her, they knew what it was and weren’t saying. Secret keepers. Dang, he couldn’t pry it out of any of them. What had she been up to, he wondered.

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It was the strangest case Della had ever been involved with. The entire room was covered with papers including a cypher.

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