Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Mason hit the desk with his fist and the sound resounded throughout the room. It took everyone by surprise since he rarely showed any emotion at all and kept his anger in check even when others didn’t. He was obviously upset by the outcome of the court case.

He had every right to be frustrated angry and annoyed. They’d done their homework, dotted the i’s and crossed their t’s so when the opposition found the tiniest of loopholes and magnified it into some sort of significant nonsense and the judge had bought into it, they lost the case and it stung. Even the opposing lawyer raised an eyebrow at the verdict since he hadn’t expected the judge to go for it. He’d looked across the aisle at Mason, shock clearly reflected in his eyes.

He’d walked over to Mason afterward and they’d shook hands while he leaned in to say something to Mason who nodded his head in disgust. Mason wasn’t sure they could retry the case as a result of the judge’s ruling and the man deserved to be behind bars. He was clearly guilty, a fact his own lawyer agreed on but since he was bound by law to defend his client to the best of his ability, it couldn’t be said he hadn’t done his job.

He called Maria into his office and closed the door. She knew better than to start the conversation and she waited until he was ready to talk. He poured her a coffee, added cream and handed it across. “Thanks.”

“Your working on the Hamilton case yet?”

“I finished yesterday. A couple loose ends and I can hand it off.”

“Good. I want you on this case. Smith got off on a technicality. Take a fine-tooth comb and go over it again, see if you can find a way to retry him. The sob is guilty as hell and he shouldn’t have gotten off. ” Then he added, “I don’t know why it feels personal, but it does. He choked the life out of that young woman and she was a complete stranger, hadn’t started life yet. She was the closest target to take his rage out on and he did so with glee. You could see it in his eyes when I mentioned it in court. The moment of her death brought him satisfaction. Now he’s walking the streets free to do it again.”

Standing, she said, “I’m on it, Mason. We’ll get this creep.”

“Hopefully before he has a chance to do it again.” Maria knew that was what was at the bottom of it all. He could and would reoffend and they could have had him off the streets for the rest of his natural life and that was the crux of the matter. She had to agree.

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