If Tara was going to get anywhere, it would mean she’d have to heft these large stones out of her way.

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Sorry |I haven’t been around. Comp died. Trying to learn lap top which has different key placement and as you know, I can’t see so it’s been a bit frustrating and I took some time. It’s been a busy month with birthdays and the changes to our lifestyle. Taking time out was a good thing I think. But forgive typeos because I probably won’t notice them at the moment. The laptop needs to be set up as yet. Still have programs missing.

Here goes! lol

If Tara was going to get anywhere, it would mean she’d have to heft these large stones out of her way. Some were definitely manageable and she could push others and use a shovel to lift most. Still that meant a great many rocks would require a mover. She hoped Jake was up to the task and had time since he owned a small bulldozer that would fit between the houses and into the back yard. When she’d accomplished as much as was humanly possible, she gave Jake a call. He answered on the third ring which meant he was busy.

“Hi, how you doing?”

“Good, what’s up? Sorry, pressed for time.”

“Remember that back yard project I mentioned?”

Jake sighed, “Yeah.”

“Well, it’s nearly done. I was wondering though, if you could bring your little bulldozer for the last few rocks. I can’t move them otherwise.”

“Sure. I have time after six. That work for you?”

“Thanks, Jake. I hate to ask, but I simply can’t do this alone.”

“No problem, kid. See you then.”

Jake smiled as he hung up the phone. He knew how independent she was and he knew it took a lot for her to ask for help. He was only too happy to oblige even though he had a full day ahead of him and he could hardly spare the time, but he would. For her, he definitely would. He waited a full two seconds before the address appeared on his cell. Awe yes, the Henderson’s old place.

Tara was relieved at Jake’s punctuality. There wasn’t much light left and she had to finish this project within two days. It took him a matter of a half an hour to remove the debris and he even leveled the round for her which was a god send.

She walked toward him and said, “Thanks, Jake, I really appreciate your making time for this. How much do owe you?”

“This one’s on the house. I’ll catch you next time.” He turned to walk away when her quick intake of breath stopped him short and he turned to look her way.

“Omg, Jake, is that what I think it is?”

Jake walked toward her and then stared at what she was pointing at. Hunkering down he pulled a cover up and out. “Shit, I’d say if you thought it was a body, then you’d be right.”

“It’s been here a while. A long while,” he observed.

“I I’ll call the police.”

Jake dragged his fingers through his hair. Damn, this was an unwelcomed and definitely not fortuitous find. Since he and the local cops weren’t on particularly friendly terms, he wasn’t looking forward to what was to come. But he’d hang, Tara needed his support. She’d swear otherwise, but the horrified look on her face suggested otherwise.

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  1. Hey Phyllis! The first moment I logged on I was thinking of you. In fact, I was worried about how you were doing before I ever got a chance to log on. Have missed you horribly and hope all is doing well. I hear about the computer. I have a laptop but it is now connected to a widescreen monitor. This way I connect a mouse and keyboard to the computer but use the monitor to see everything. Hope you are doing well!

    1. I’ve missed you so much! There are those we connect with and they mean the world, and you are one of these people. I hope all is well with you. I imagine you’ve been crazy busy. I will do the same as soon as my son as time. We are in an upheaval at the moment. It’s been crazy here with everyone off work and off school. It’s wonderful to reconnect with you. I adore you. I don’t say that lightly. I don’t connect often, but it’s forever when it happens. Delighted to see you!

      1. So sorry I have gone so long – I was gone so long and then I felt guilty about coming back 🙂 Things have been so incredibly busy. It takes me 30 minutes to take my daughter to college so often I just spend the day there and teach the other kiddos remotely from the library. That part has been nice – to be in some new environment, but the travel is always through rush-hour traffic. Now with the Coronavirus, no driving – just being stuck at home with 5 other people 🙂 I have missed you so much I thought I would burst if I couldn’t find you online! I’ve been wondering how you have been – but I felt kind of odd if I just peeked in from time to time (I guess I was afraid I would get sucked in and not want to leave). It’s been tough – my favorite camera lens broke (still haven’t gotten it fixed) and I haven’t taken a picture in well over a year and I haven’t written in all that time either (until now). It’s nice to find comfort doing other things, but it is also nice to come back to the things I love when I can. I can’t even tell you how happy I am to “see” you again!

        1. I’m thrilled to see you. I think of you often and checked your blog in case you were back. I figured it was prob. Crazy life stuff and family that kept you away. I’m sorry you lost your camera because it is a life ling, like writing and blogging.

          1. Losing the camera has not been easy… then there’s being stuck indoors all the time. However, we find other things to keep us occupied… and whole. At least, I hope so. So glad you are doing well and so grateful you are still around. I have missed you.

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