Murphy could blather on as he wished. It didn’t change the facts.

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Murphy could blather on as he wished. It didn’t change the facts. Dead is dead. The few dust bunnies present suggested nothing had been moved or taken so robbery wasn’t the motive. Everything but the victim was intact. Therefore, the who and why continued a mystery. The where and when had been established. Extemporaneous factors would simply confuse the issue at this point. She always started with what she knew to be fact and worked from there. What was required was good old fashioned leg work. He was young and eager, she couldn’t fault Alex for that. Still, there was an order of events that when followed, ultimately resulted in little wasted time.

They knew the victim had been partying at a bar, The Lucky Lady, until the wee hours of the morning and he’d been accompanied by several of his friends. He didn’t have a steady girlfriend and was an exec at an up and coming company, and was considered exceptional at his job. That information had been obtained from the next-door neighbour who had become a good friend since he’d obtained his condo. They’d often shared meals together and Dana would have gone with him but she’d been feeling under the weather so had decided to stay home and relax.

After obtaining the names of several of his friends, they were on their way to question them individually when a car pulled up curbside. It contained four young men of an approximate age to the victim. Jamie popped a piece of gum into her mouth as she watched their approach with interest. They were in various stages of shock and disbelief. Each visibly upset, exchanged glances with each other before one pushed ahead. “I’m Matthew Daugherty. What’s going on? Where’s Daniel? Is he ok?”

“Mr. Daugherty, will you introduce me to your friends and how you know Daniel Swanson.”

“I’m Detective Marten.”

“This is Jarrod Worth, Mark Justin, Gary Ferges. We are work mates and friends of Daniel.”

“I’m afraid there’s been an accident. Mr. Swanson is dead.” She said it thus for shock factor. It worked.

“What? What did you say?” a voice mumbled.

Worth was startled and stepped back a pace, Justin stood slack-jawed and Ferges held onto Daugherty as if for support. Daugherty put on a good show and feigned surprised but his eyes clearly stated he’d known something. Interesting, she thought.

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Wed May 27 , 2020
He had tried to slink away earlier during questioning as though they wouldn't notice and she'd motioned to another cop to head him off.

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