He had tried to slink away earlier during questioning as though they wouldn’t notice and she’d motioned to another cop to head him off.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Was he obtuse or just plain stupid, Anne wondered. His body language spoke volumes. He had tried to slink away earlier during questioning as though they wouldn’t notice and she’d motioned to another cop to head him off. As soon as he’d been spotted and his movements impeded, he’d tried to pull the what the hell do you think you’re doing here routine. That hadn’t washed and now he sat in the furthest corner of the room in a chair slumped over, arms wrapped around his body, head bowed, staring at the floor. He couldn’t have looked more guilty if he’d tried. Or more noticeable he stuck out like a sore thumb.

Anne moved closer to Harold and asked, “What do you know about that guy in the corner, the one trying to disappear? He’s giving off guilty vibes. That or he knows more than he’s saying. Look at him.”

“Yeah, George Harris. I questioned him earlier and he did the same. That’s why I suggested he stick around so we could have another go. There’s something, not sure what, but something.”

“Was he close to the victim, friend, work mate, neighbour?”

“He’s the neighbour on the far side. Said he knew the victim casually, as on a nod when you see one another type deal. Said he’d never spent any time with him, just watched him come and go with a variety of his friends.”


“It came across that way. Derision mostly. The ‘it could have been me’ and I got the distinct feeling he held a grudge. Not sure what about, whether he’d tried to make friends and was excluded from the inner circle…he said he’d offered his help when the VIC moved in but he’d been snubbed. So no chance there but he sure eyes the ladies as they come and go. “

“Interesting. When we’re finished with the rest, I’ll have a go, see if I can get anything more out of him.”

“Good luck with that, but then he likes the ladies, that angle might work. Pump up his self-esteem a bit first.”

“Thanks. I’ll give that a go,” Anne promised on a nod.

Anne never gave her looks much thought. She was born with them, it was genes; she’d been gifted with voluptuous curves, brilliant red hair and emerald eyes. She had her mother to thank for that and it never crossed her mind to play on her looks for anything. She was incredibly smart and she was passionate about her job and she dug in and did what was required to solve the case. |However, in this one instance, she was willing to forgo her own thoughts on the matter and see if it garnered any information. God knows, they could use all the help they could get. As crimes go, it was pretty perfect.

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