What would transpire within the next twenty-four hours would change Emma’s life forever; a double-edged sword that enraged her and touched her soul profoundly as well.

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What would transpire within the next twenty-four hours would change Emma’s life forever; a double-edged sword that enraged her and touched her soul profoundly as well.

Uncle Emmet had been murdered. Tragically he lived alone with few close friends, and those he had, he chose to correspond with by email or snail mail.

To her everlasting chagrin, that’s how she’d been notified regarding his passing. This only made her angrier, mostly at herself, because she’d allowed too much time to pass since visiting him in person but she was angry at him too because he’d become a hermit and had refused to come visit her as well. She could excuse her behavior as a result of work and her responsibilities but if she were honest, she’d simply let go, allowing Snapchat and other programs to do the talking for her.

She’d arrived at his home, glancing about. The nearest property abutted his at over four miles on either side, while the house itself stood a few hundred feet on the oceanfront. To gain entrance, you drove to the side of the property, and along the side of the house. He’d designed it specifically that way so he could enjoy the ocean’s vista. She’d spent so many idyllic hours and days here in this lovely home with him.

The house had been thoroughly cleaned by a local woman, Geraldine, the owner of a cleaning company, and as Emma haltingly entered, found the place was spic and span throughout. Emma would look Geraldine up and pay her a visit to thank her for the beautiful job she’d done and once again offer payment. She’d refused Emma’s initial offer saying she owed Emmet for all the wonderful evenings she’d spent sitting with him on his porch enjoying sunsets, his company, and a great cup of coffee. She’s said it was her way of letting him know how much she’d appreciated every moment of his time and knew he’d get the message as he looked down on them and he’d smile because, on this one occasion, she’d managed to have the last say.

Emma’s determination to visit Geraldine was two-fold. She wanted to ask her if she knew what had caused Uncle Emmet to become so reclusive and if she had any idea who would want to harm him in such a fashion. Since they’d spent so much time together, Emma was sure if anyone knew or had an inkling, it would be Geraldine.

Although Emma had corresponded with her uncle regularly sharing emoji’s and memes they’d both found hilarious since they shared a dark sense of humour, she felt more than a little guilty at not coming to visit. It haunted her now that she was here and memories of their time together infused her with remembered enjoyment. It wasn’t a coincidence that her name was Emma. It was as if her parents had already known they would share a close kinship.

Emma and her uncle had been close as thieves while she’d grown up. Always together, forever up to something her parents would sigh at. Their adventures took them to far off lands as pirates, or building sandcastles, playing hide and seek in his expansive back yard sitting dreaming on his lovely front porch. She looked back on those years with great fondness. He was such a delightful man. She’d thought all adults were like him until she found out they weren’t and that she was expected to start acting like a young lady, not a vagabond and her excursions were curtailed, all except the three or four times she’d managed to escape to his home and he’d welcomed her every time with open arms.

She was to meet with his lawyer the following afternoon. She wasn’t sure what that was about and hoped maybe it would shed some light on the reason for the tragedy that had befallen him. She’d definitely have some questions for the lawyer, hard ones, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer or let him off lightly.

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