But I digress, he thought to himself.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Detective Ferguson arrived at the crime scene to find it buzzing with cops and forensics. He hated being late and it wasn’t his fault entirely. He’d chosen the wrong highway into town. He should have known better and he sighed at his own stupidity.

The second his feet hit gravel he was issuing orders and asking questions from his car to the front door of the victim. He stopped short when he spotted the tall blond blue-eyed bombshell standing in the middle of the crime scene and glanced scathingly at the other cops wondering who’d allowed a civilian access and possibly mucking up his crime scene.

He was about to bellow when she turned and he got his first look at the undoubtedly beautiful woman dressed elegantly but fortuitously for a crime scene. Her half smirk half-smile would have been contagious under other circumstances he decided. Then she turned away and he tracked the other cops on the scene sending sideways glances in her direction. If she noticed, she didn’t care.

He watched as she said something to one of the beat cops that had him scurrying and it suddenly struck him. Partner, partner? He was expecting his new partner today. He shook his head in disbelief. Cops could be such jack-asses. All week his fellow detectives had been commenting on Detective Jerome. For weeks, a new trend had emerged whereupon, when someone wasn’t pleased with another cop’s attitude, they’d address him by his first name instead of his last, Detective Franklin instead of Detective Thompson. He’d assumed they knew of his new partner and didn’t much like him. He’d mistakenly also assumed they were cheesed off because a new detective was being brought in instead of someone within the local ranks moving up in an in house promotion when Sampson retired. But I digress, he thought to himself.

She was tall, a good 5 10 or 5 11 in her stocking feet and since he was 6 2 it was a change of pace. She had curves in all the right places, and from the glance she’d sent him upon his arrival, it suggested she was used to getting noticed. How she felt about it was another matter entirely.

He instantly decided to play it cool. “I take it your Detective Jerome?”

“Yes, I am and your Detective Ferguson.”

“Guilty as charged. I expected we’d meet downtown. I freely admit I’m surprised to find you here.”

“You know what they say, ‘the early bird catches the worm’.”

“Yes. You think it’s true in this case?”

“I do.”


Detective Jerome watched him carefully, his handsome chiseled features giving nothing away. He watched every movement, taking in every detail before moving onto the victims, just as she’d done earlier. He walked the perimeter keeping a safe distance while actively questioning forensics about their findings.

She decided she liked what she saw, and more, what she heard. Finally, someone who might take her seriously and didn’t look at her like a blond bimbo or a bed partner.

He looked up at her from his squatted position next to the corpse and asked for her read on the situation and she told him with confidence and conviction.

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