I haven’t been able to write the past few days. My heart aches. I ache for the families that lost loved ones due to senseless violence. I ache for the loss of sanity in a world gone mad with dark hatred consumed with anger.

I ache for the results…loss of lives, homes, businesses, and even more, the loss of trust and the constant fear that permeates everyone young and old, black or white, cop or civilian. Not every black man is a criminal, not every cop is bigoted or prejudiced but in both cases, each is tarred and feathered as a result of the few that are. Fear on the part of the victims, and for those in law enforcement that truly care and are cut from a different cloth than those taking lives with impunity.

My heart aches when I see videos of people being bused in and climbing from vans with rocks in hand to cause instant trouble when none was intended. I ache for the loss of freedom for everyone because everyone loses in the aftermath of what went beforehand.

We have gone backward in time to an era we had hoped we had won… won freedom for everyone of every colour, for all men women and children, but the current climate suggests the opposite is true.

It is incredibly painful to witness what is happening to our family…we are all one…the human race! We are now more divided and filled with fear hatred and negativity than ever before. My heart aches! I cried when I listened to one policeman speak to the latest atrocity that started this, how deplorable he found it, how he wished he could change the present…in the end, he said all he could promise was, “I’m here, I’ll listen, I will hear you before assuring the public that NOT ALL cops are bad. Some of us became cops BECAUSE we care BECAUSE we wanted to make a difference.

Can anyone hear, will anyone listen? What comes next?

3 thoughts on “Heartache

  1. I understand what you are saying, I felt sick when I saw the news today and Donald Trump saying he could call in the armed forces! Why can’t they treat their own American citizens of all colours with the respect they deserve. We are all equals whatever our colour, religion or beliefs.

    1. Truer words Elaine. We have gone backward in time. It’s as if the hard fought and untimely deaths of those of years gone by in the fight for equality never happened. Women are again being treated as less than with some states agreeing it’s ok to hit slap and abuse as though women’s rights never happened. It’s archaic and worse.

  2. It has been such a hard time. My heart has been heavy as well. There have been glimmers of hope though. There have been people from both sides coming forward, wanting to work for peace… In peace.

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