Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Justice! That word has certainly been at the forefront of everyone’s mind more than ever Helen thought.

She was a detective in plain clothes. It was her job to determine how the victim died and find the guilty party. It wasn’t going to be easy in this case since the scene had been trampled on by an entire neighborhood it seemed.

The young woman was twenty-six and of mixed race. She’d been exquisitely beautiful and she’d taken care of herself. Her clothes were expensive as was her jewelry, none of which appeared to have gone missing. The only mark on an otherwise pristine body was a bullet hole through which a bullet had passed ending her life.

She’d run in elite circles, rubbing shoulders with the mayor, councilman, and councilwoman, hob-nobbing with the Chief of Police and too many other noted elites of the city to mention. Her face was well known and she had been well-liked. Anne Marie Benson stood for justice, had fought for it, hard and long. It wasn’t a racial thing, but the defeat of inequality that fed her eagerness for truth. She’d often noted that the disenfranchised were as overlooked as any.

Helen Montrose hadn’t known Anne Marie personally, but she’d admired what she stood for and had witnessed how hard she’d fought and she deserved truth and justice now and Helen would stand for her, determined to find her killer, and put them behind bars for the rest of their natural life. Anne Marie was one of the good ones and it was cruel to the ultimate degree that she should have lost her life in this manner when she fought so diligently for what was right on behalf of humankind. For that had been her motto – whatever colour creed nationality anyone was, in her mind, they were humankind, mankind. There was no distinction and when injustice was perpetrated on one, it was perpetrated on all!

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