Time to rally the troops.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Shawna Ware, a five-foot-four tiny but feisty woman of indeterminate age, according to the other long-distance runners, had always been there to rally the troops, give encouragement to those in need and to support newer struggling advocates of the sport. She always seemed to know the right thing to say or do that gave them the strength to carry on. Now it was her turn.

Apparently, she’d been walking on the top level of the pier (a part of her daily routine) when an unknown assailant jogging by, without thought, pause, or provocation, no words exchanged, and without even glancing her way, shoved her off the pier and continued jogging on his merry way.

Although the fall hadn’t killed her, (since she’d landed on compact sand and not the rocks and driftwood below) she’d sustained severe injuries including a broken shoulder, cracked ribs, and a skull fracture. The doctor in ER explained that her injuries would take considerable time to heal and she wouldn’t be jogging any time soon so she could thank her lucky stars she’d landed where she had because otherwise, she would have died, no questions asked.

Luckily someone caught the incident on film and the police were using the film to assist in identifying the culprit responsible for the heinous and callous crime. They were shocked as they watched. The question was, was she an intended target, or would anyone have done?

Danny Morrow was questioning everyone present, hoping someone might know the assailant. Unfortunately, so far, no one could identify him. He’d been wearing a light blue track sweater and black track pants with a cap on his head and an educated guess suggested he was in his late twenty’s or early to mid-thirties.

Danny ran the tape back several times but nothing stood out as remarkable or unusual and gave no clue as to his identity. When she arrived back at the station, she called up the CTV cameras and followed his jogging route until she lost him when he entered a covered area. Beat cops were currently checking the last place he’d been spotted, but so far, no one knew who he was. He’d simply vanished without a trace as though he’d fallen off the face of the earth.

The next step was looking into her life to find a connection, but Danny suspected they wouldn’t find one that it was a random act by a madman. She wanted to go public and see if anyone in the city might know who he was.

Time to rally the troops. She’d gathered all the local joggers involved with or who knew the victim. Even though she’d questioned most of them before, she hoped somene might come up with the assistance she required.

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