She intended to do so now even though she was conscience it might take time but dedicated to giving the case the time required and more.

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Sandy Morton, a detective on Central Police Department for seven years, had waded through too many crime scenes to count. Unfortunately, Harry Phillips, lying dead inside his front door – the father of three, a husband, established businessman and well-liked according to the neighbours, had put up quite a struggle but lost to a bullet. Was it a premeditated murder or spur of the moment?

The wife, Maria was at work and the children in school. He’d headed home to retrieve some files he’d forgotten and if the scene were to be believed had encountered someone in his home and a fight ensued.

Detective Morton understood people fighting to protect their family and friends, but what “valuable” was worth losing your life over – things were replaceable – lives weren’t.

Next door neighbours mentioned seeing a white van with blue lettering in the driveway earlier. Ordering purchases online had become the norm and delivery vehicles were making a killing these days. So it wasn’t unexpected or unusual to see a delivery truck at a residence. Not to mention the van in question carried the logo and colours of one of the local delivery companies – Quick Delivery, which although only a couple years old, had a good reputation.

Detective Morton hadn’t heard of any new scam artists at work, but she’d have to check that out as soon as she was back at the office. If someone was intent on robbing Mr. Phillips, and they’d been at the house earlier than the estimated time of death, why had they returned? Had they accidentally left something behind? Had they missed what they’d come to get which begged the question what were they after that was so important they’d risk a second trip to the house? And what vehicle had they used the second time because they wouldn’t want to risk attention by returning in the same vehicle?

Detective Morton called in a BOLO on the white van giving as much detail as she’d been given (make model colour and logo) hoping someone might spot it. It also meant her next stop was Quick Delivery to check on any missing vehicles and or employees.

Until his wife could walk the scene, it was difficult to ascertain what if anything had been taken or was missing. In some parts of the house, it was obvious a search had taken place while in others, items had been shuffled about obvious because of a very light layer of dust. Forensics was hard at work and hopefully by the time they were finished, they might have some evidence to suggest a direction.

Detective Morton was thorough and she was good at catching the culprit. She intended to do so now even though she was conscience it might take time but dedicated to giving the case the time required and more.

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