The pittance offered for the contract was a disgrace, highway robber

Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt

The pittance offered for the contract was a disgrace, highway robber. Harold Marshall knew the deal was worth five times the amount offered. It was a disgrace and a slap in the face. Did they seriously believe he’d settle for this, that he’d even acknowledge this joke of an offer? He stared at the document with disgust.

He handed the offer to Samantha who read it carefully and slowly lifted her curly blond head and stared at him with gorgeous blue eyes. “What do you think, Samantha?”

“This is a joke, right? They can’t possibly believe we’de entertain this as a bonafied offer!”

“Surely there’s been some sort of mistake, a typo, it’s completely preposterous!”

“I’d heard McPherson was a skinflint but I never thought he’d try and stiff us!”

“I have contacts at McPherson Optics, I can put some feelers out there and see if it’s legit. What do you think?”

“As long as it’s low-key. I don’t want anything overt to suggest we’re either entertaining the offer or believe it’s beneath us. Not that I’m considering it, but it would be interesting to know where this is coming from and who’s behind it.”

“I know they have a new manager, Colliard, and he’s been hired ostensibly to cut costs, that’s rumour of course, but I suspect it’s not far from the truth.”

“Colliard? As is Geoff Colliard?” Samantha had paled and that caught his attention immediately.

“You know him?”

“Yeah, you could say that, we were engaged to be married once upon a time, back in the day.”

“Holy…so would this be uncomfortable for you? You obviously know the guy. Anything you can share?”

“Only that he’s exceptional at cutting corners. Not in a bad way, just he’s a skin-flint. Worse than McPherson.”

“Hard to believe anyone could be worse than McPherson, but if this is an example of his work, then…”

“I’ll get on it right away. Then you can decide what you want to do.”

“We aren’t hurting, we could accept the offer as is, but the problem is that sets a president and anyone in the know would take it and run, and that would be a problem.”

“See what you can find out, Samantha, and let me know as soon as you have something concrete.”

Sam dropped the contract on his desk and said, “|You bet!”

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