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Today was a red-letter day for Anthea as she was being inducted into the Officer’s unofficial hall of fame by her fellow cops who were about to bestow a great honour on her and one she hadn’t expected.

It was something a bunch of officers had started a few years back and it held weight with every officer on the force since it came from other officers and stood for respect for a job well done. She’d been warned it was happening and it surprised her since most of the inductees so far were older and could be considered veterans.

True enough, she’d nearly lost her life while saving a woman and her two kids from her deranged husband who had beaten her and was about to ignite a gallon of gasoline after barricading his wife, their two children and himself in the house intent on taking them all out.

Justine Harris,

Justine Harris, a neighbour and good friend of the family had called police. They’d been fairly close since the newer family had moved into the neighbourhood approximately two years prior. She said they’d never witnessed him lift a finger against his wife or children in anger, nor heard any abusive language or anything of that nature from the man. His actions were distinctly out of character for the man they’d come to know.

That left the cops in a quandary; what had set this normally calm man on a downward spiral, and one he which included his family.

She’d been a top negotiator for the force for several years, and it was up to her to save the situation if possible. In the end, having gained his trust, she’d entered the home and at some point during the discussion, he poured the gasoline on himself and was about to light it. She’d raced at him knocked the gasoline can away and the lighter to the far side of the room and the other cops had raced in and rescued the family while she struggled with the man. There’d been literally a fraction of a second between life-altering circumstances for all of them. Owing to her quick thinking and quicker actions, their lives had been spared. Her fellow cops felt she should be rewarded for above and beyond. It touched her heart.

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