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Marisa Edwards was a no-nonsense cop, however, she had a great deal of compassion for humanity as a whole. Sometimes unfortunate circumstances befell people with detrimental effects.

After her shift, she could often be seen mingling with those society had allowed to fall through the cracks, the lonely, the destitute, the down trodden. And she often bought food and distributed it to those that would accept it. Coffee here, sandwich there; she couldn’t afford much, but she did what she could.

After all, they were someone’s mother father sister brother aunt or uncle. And no matter what or who had let them down, or how they’d come to the situation they were in, they deserved consideration and respect. They didn’t start life out thinking their life long dream was living on the street with barely enough food to eat and little clothing to keep them warm on cold nights.

She did as much as she could and encouraged others to do the same, because no matter how bad their situation was, it could always get worse. That’s where she came in. As a detective on the force, she new this to be true. And while some believed they were unworthy of justice, she didn’t and she did her level best to see that in those instances, they got it. For now, a little something in their belly and a heartfelt smile or kind word would have to suffice. And though it saddened her, it was a reality too.

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