Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt

Saddened to the depths of her soul, Maria Woodworth stood over her grand mother’s grave and a tear slid silently down her face, followed by another and then another. Grandma Woodworth had meant everything to her. She’d been her rock in times of trouble, and in her corner, cheering her on at every major event in her life.

Her face momentarily contorted in anger and her fists balled in rage as she pictured the scene of her death. Alone, in her beautiful home, welcoming, kind and loving, she’d assist anyone requiring help.

It wasn’t only Maria that knew her well and loved her, the entire community benefited from her kindness and grace and she was a well-known benefactor advocating for anyone in need of assistance. As far as Grandma Woodworth was concerned, everyone deserved a second chance and if they came knocking on her door, she offered aid whether it was a hearing ear, or sustenance, or something to drink. Having said that, she was no pushover either. She told it like it was.

Someone had taken advantage of her good kind heart and repaid her by leaving her in a heap on the kitchen floor after inflicting a deadly blow. As a cop, she’d witnessed hundreds of crime scenes but this case was her grandmother, and she’d perished at the hands of a despicable criminal who’d entered her home and taken her life and everything that was dear to Maria; the woman who’d cared so deeply and unconditionally and it had cost her her life.

If it was the last thing she did on this earth, she’d find the culprit and bring him or her to justice. For her grandmother, for the community she’d given so much to and for herself.

Having spoken with the local cops (who were as saddened as she because they knew her well) she’d been a part of their lives since they were in diapers. They’d clearly been as distraught and angry as she. It was written on their faces as they’d looked into hers at the funeral.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t found any clues as to the identity of the killer. All they knew was she’d apparently let someone into her home, was making coffee and a sandwich and the unbelievable had happened.

An extensive canvas offered no clues; no one had seen Mrs. Woodworth that day. In fact, they hadn’t seen her out and about for a couple of days. It was that concern that prompted Mr. Botel to go looking and he’d found her, realized she’d passed and called the police.

On any other occasion, Maria would have been touched to the core had she witnessed the scene. Every cop, every ambulance attendant, every neighbour had surrounded the yard, both in tribute and to keep the area secure. It was indeed heartwarming, touching and showed how much she was loved.

Detective Brannigan had been watching from the sidelines. He stepped forward into her line of vision. “Maria, I’m sorry for your loss.”

Looking up at him she quietly said, “Thank you.”

“We’ll get this piece of slime, I promise you that!”

The look in her eyes held promise as she responded with, “Your damn right we will!”

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