David wanted a victory, in fact he wanted to trounce his opponent completely.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

David wanted a victory, in fact he wanted to trounce his opponent completely. After the embarrassing round the day before, he was even more determined and goal oriented. He needed to show this upstart a thing or two.

The knock on his door minutes prior to the tennis match annoyed him and he opened the door with a frustrated flourish only to find the cops at his door alongside his manager.

He looked at Gary Marsden and nodded at the cops, “What’s up?”

“We need a moment, Mr. Jacobs. May we come in?”

“I don’t have much time, the tournament is about to start in about ten minutes, I was literally on my way out the door.”

“David, there isn’t going to be a tournament today, it has been cancelled.”

Perplexed, David asked, “What the hell? Why?”

“Jeremy Forrest is dead.”

David’s face reflected his shock, “What? What did you say? Dead? When, how?”

“Where were you at eleven last night, Mr. Jacobs?”


“Can anyone vouch for your whereabouts?”

“No, I was alone. It’s the night before the competition. Early night, no drinking, no fun and games. The way it is! Everyone knows that.”

“Why are you asking me?”

“Harsh words were exchanged between you and the victim.”

“Yeah, so? It was a heat of the moment thing. The opponent was cheating and the umps didn’t do a damn thing about it. It pissed me off, what can I tell you? I don’t mind losing fair and square, but I refuse to be cheated.”

The questioning went on for some time before the officers left. “They really think I’d kill him over a match?”

“I doubt it, it’s just that words were exchanged and several people overheard it so you were their first consideration. I’m sure it’ll all blow over once they find out the true killer.”

“I hope so. Well shit, what happens now? I mean, I don’t mind telling you I’m bummed there won’t be a match, but what does this do for the standings? It’s crass to ask I know, but I can’t help wondering.”

“I hear you. It’s a major concern. We won’t know until the powers that be decide what to do. Logic says they’ll bump everyone up a slot, but you never know.”

“Well damn, I don’t mind fighting and winning fair and square, but to be given a slot especially like this, doesn’t sit well.”

“Would you rather they stepped over you to another opponent?”

“Of course not.” He sighed in resignation.

Later when he had tim to think about the situation, he wondered who had it in for the victim while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It did and when it did, he was equally horrified. While scanning for something to watch, a news report caught his eye. Another tennis player had been found badly beaten. His wrists were broken and he wouldn’t be playing this year, perhaps never again.

A knock heralded someone’s presence at his door and since he wasn’t expecting anyone, he opened the door carefully after asking who it was. The answer surprised him.

“Detective Jensen.” And as he peered through the peep hole he noticed a badge.

“Well shit, twice in as many days? What gives?”

“Detective, what’s up?”

“We’re contacting all the tennis payers in the tournament suggesting you don’t leave your room alone.”

“Why’s that?”

“It seems someone doesn’t like tennis this year.”

“This about that news report I just saw? Foreigner was attacked it said.”

“He was. We’re not sure what the motive is, but it appears as though whoever is responsible is working their way through tennis players. Whether they have a favourite or they are tennis haters, we’re not sure. Unfortunately we don’t have any leads at the moment.”

“You suspect I might be on the list?”

“It’s possible. We’re not sure, so we’re taking precautions.”

“Well, thanks, I guess. I’m not sure what to think. I mean I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 15 so I’m sure I can handle it if someone has other plans.”

“Maybe, maybe not. You able to fend off a bullet?” the detective asked with an upraised eyebrow.

He looked chagrined. “I guess not, never thought of that.”

As she turned to leave she suggested, “Well think about it.”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks.”

He’d play it smart, his life and the game meant everything to him. He’d fought hard and long to get where he was, he wasn’t about to take stupid chances. She turned at the last minute and handed him her card. “You have a problem, you hear something, learn something, let me know.”

“Yes, mam, you can count on it.” He responded with a salute.

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