And here she was, along with her fellow artisans, ousted, asked to vacate the premises as the new owner was moving in himself within a matter of days.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

The old mansion had been Jessie’s home for the past four years and she’d enjoyed every moment of it. The architecture, the beautiful designs, the aged wood, all hinting at a varied and interesting history and permanency. She had certainly stood the test of time and would outlast the next generation too.

And here she was, along with her fellow artisans, ousted, asked to vacate the premises as the new owner was moving in himself within a matter of days. They’d been told he was going to redesign the house and although there was little by way of change that had occurred other than upgrading the water and heating systems, he wanted certain changes made.

She couldn’t fault him for wanting even expecting to live in the home he’d purchased, she would, but it didn’t silence the emotion or fact she felt bereft at the loss of such beauty. And as she stood and gazed at the exquisite house, a sigh escaped.

Just then a man had approached and stood at her side.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

A tear escaped before she could stop it. “Yes, indeed. Exquisite in fact.”

“I couldn’t help but notice your distress. I take it she means something special to you.”

“Yes, I’ve lived within her walls for four glorious years and I’ve treasured every moment of it. Her grace, her style, her elegance tell their own story. Not to mention I’m sure, the delightful secrets she holds in her care. I’m sure she has plenty of she could share.”

“Your a bit of a romantic, aren’t you?”

“I suppose in some regards, but I’m also a realist. I knew this day would come eventually, and although I tried to prepare myself for it, it still causes sadness.”

“I’m sure the owner would be delighted if you stopped by from time to time.”

She turned then and stared up at the elegant man with the gentle voice. “Wouldn’t that be amazing.”

He introduced himself, “I’m Anthony Moore,” after which he cleared his throat and added, “the new owner and I’m afraid man responsible for ousting you.”

“Ah, I see. Well our loss is your gain, and in this case, quite true. You’ll love living here.” She laughed and said, “Once you get used to her moans and groans. She has a way of speaking that is quite annoying but amusing and as you become used to it, enchanting.”

“Listen, um… I’m at a loss, “

“Oh, Jess Mortimer.” She held out her hand which he took and shook heartily.

“Pleased to meet you Miss Mortimer. And seriously, the invitation stands, please drop by whenever and visit.”

“I’m sure you will be far too busy to entertain.”

“On the contrary, I’m writing a history about her and the families and people who have walked through her halls. I’d be grateful if you’d participate and tell me about the time you’ve spent here.”

Delighted, Jess said, “I’d be honoured.”

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