Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Jarrod was incensed and as a result was less than civil in his response. He knew it but he couldn’t stop himself from giving the man a dressing down and in front of his co-workers which he would not have normally done.

He wasn’t sure how to compensate for his shortsightedness and what he viewed as a slight to the young man who was indeed invaluable to the company and to him personally. That was the reason he was so harsh with him. The kid knew better, was capable of better, provided better and he’d slipped up badly on this one. He’d nearly lost them the account and it would have been a huge blow to the company as times were slow, but also to their reputation.

He sat in his chair and thought the situation through before calling the young man into his office to have a chat and find out what happened. He wasn’t interested in lecturing him, but finding out what had so distracted him that he’d dropped the ball.

As Jason walked toward him, shoulders hunched, head down, he looked as though he were walking toward a hangman’s noose. Damn it, Jarrod felt bad indeed but wasn’t about to let it show for the moment.

He invited Jason to take a seat and immediately apologized. “Jason, I owe you an apology.” The young man’s head whipped up and he stared at Jarrod. “While it was a less than stellar presentation and your capable of so much more, and in fact, I count on you for that reason, I was wrong in calling you out as I did, and for that, I give you my sincerest apology.”

The young man continued speechless for a moment then said, “No problem, and thank you, sir.”

“Can you explain what happened?”

Jason hesitated at first, then opened up. His mother was taken to hospital and was in intensive care while his little sister was on life support and they weren’t sure of the outcome and as a result, for the past two weeks, he’d been heading to the hospital and spend most of the night there dividing between both rooms.

Jarrod was aghast at the emotional and physical upheaval this young man was going through all the while holding it together to get the job done at work and remain strong. He was completely taken aback.

“Jason, first, I’m sorry for what your going through. It is a tragedy indeed. Second, why didn’t you come and explain the situation to me?”

“I didn’t have time to think, just respond. They needed me, you needed me…I felt conflicted but the only way to solve the situation was to be there fore them when I could.”

“We’ll change that. I have contacts at the hospital. I’ll see that they are placed in the same roof if possible, and if you feel up to it, I’ll see that everything you need is a your disposal so you can work from there, or if you wish, you can take the time you need to be with and support your family.”

Standing he said, “Oh no, sir, that’s not necessary.”

“But it is! You are a fine young man, your work ethic is incredible and you give your all. You need support, and I freely offer you any and all the support you need in this time of crises. You name it, you shall have it.”

They sat together in silence for several more minutes and the young man opened up again and through their discussion, Jarrod learned of the ongoing hardships caused as a result of the tragic car accident his family had been involved in Jarrod was determined to see that all of the hospital care was paid for and anything else he may require financial assistance with.

As the young man rose to leave, he shook his hand and said, “I’m here, if you need a hearing ear.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate that very much.” And as he walked away, head held high, jauntiness in his step, Jarrod felt touched at heart. What’s more, he would make sure that the rest involved in the meeting were aware of his high regard for Jason and take responsibility for his actions. It was the least he could do he decided.

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