Sophie’s parents were still annoyed with her. They’d expected her to matriculate and she had chosen a different route.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Sophie’s parents were still annoyed with her. They’d expected her to matriculate and she had chosen a different route. She’d always wanted to be a cop. Law enforcement had been a desire since she was ten years old when a cop saved her from tragedy.

She and her brother Martin were on their way to the park and she’d noticed this weird man following them, but thought he was going in the same direction since the grocery store was two blocks left across from the park.

However, when they arrived at the park, he entered behind them and stood in the trees then sat at a park bench and watched as they played.

Since they both loved the swings, they would challenge each other to go higher and higher and she’d nearly gone over the bar she’d pumped so high. Finally tired of swinging, they decided to play on the monkey bars.

That was when the thin homely gray haired man had approached her brother and asked if he’d like an ice cream cone and gave him the money to go to the store to get two. Martin hadn’t thought anything of it and headed off to the store. Sophie was unaware of the conversation but when her brother left, she started to run after him.

That’s when the man approached her and suggested she go with him that he could make her feel really good. She wanted to run and in fact, did, but she remembered her brother would be returning with the ice cream and he might try to harm him.

Fleet of foot, she’d run and run and then hid behind a school bus parked on the street. She’d hunkered down and watched for his legs and feet and scurried the opposite direction. When he’d peered over the bus, she’d been at the front. He’d apparently either become scared or nervous and he finally left. She remained hidden by the bus and when she noticed she was gone, she ran toward the store to find her brother. He was marching toward her with an ice cream cone in hand.

She asked if he’d seen the man again and he said no, all the while enjoying his ice cream. It was then that a cop car pulled up along side her and she flagged him down and related the story. He told them to get into the car so they’d be safe and he’d take them home.

He drove the to their house and asked if he could talk to my mother and related the incident after which he asked if I could describe the man, which I did. He asked Martin if he could remember anything about him and he gave a description pretty similar to mine.

That wonderful cop, George Leather, remained in contact as long as he was on the force, checking up on her to make sure she knew how to take care of herself should any other incidents happen. She’d been forever grateful especially since her father hadn’t believed her and said she’d made the whole thing up.

She owed him a huge debt of gratitude and she’d passed with honours determined to do her best as he had done. Tears moistened her eyes as she noted the lovely suited gentleman smiling proudly in the back row. He’d come to her graduation. After the ceremonies were done, she hustled to him and enveloped him in a big bear hug.

So although she hadn’t lived up to her parents expectations, she’d lived up to her own. In honour of all the other fine cops on the force like George Leather who swore to uphold the law and serve and protect.

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