Monroe as always succinct and to the point had eyebrows raising, eyes popping and jaws dropping.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Monroe as always succinct and to the point had eyebrows raising, eyes popping and jaws dropping. This wasn’t the time for pussy-footing around. These people needed to hear the truth, no holds barred, and hopefully receive the wake-up call they needed.

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is NOT the time for prudence. This is a time for action. Too many stand on the sidelines and silently sigh at the problems facing society and the plight of our youth.

“Many hard-working parents are completely overwhelmed by working two sometimes three or more jobs to make ends meet and put food on the table. As a result, we have too many children “latch key” as they were called back in the day, who are directionless, lonely, and most of all uninspired. For these reasons, I beseech you to donate generously of your time effort and or money to a worthy and exceedingly urgent cause. That of providing activities for our youth whatever their interests may be, opening doors to possibilities, and inspiration.”

“We need to get creative, people to inspire, provide hope, give direction, a hearing ear, and offer mentorship to those willing to reach out.”

“Please, give generously to to the Foundation for Youth so we can continue and add to an already existing entity ready willing and able to assist our youth – the future of mankind.”

Anita leaned toward Franko and whispered, “Well if that doesn’t get a response, I don’t know what will.”

“I’d say so. He’s been eloquent dynamic but this is a first! Brava I say!”

“Let’s hope it translates into more volunteers and hopefully more funding!”

“Your lips to god’s ears, honey!” Franko smirked. He knew she hated that term but it suited her and he wasn’t about to change his ways even for the delightful Anita.

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Sun Jun 28 , 2020
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