Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Proceed with caution. Always good advice, Daniella reminded herself. Although she wanted to jump into the relationship feet first, without thought, she knew better. Having witnessed first hand the results of leaping without thinking, she’d stood alongside friends and helped pick up the pieces of relationships that went awry and she’d leaped once or twice herself and regretted the impulse later.

It didn’t help that Derrick was exciting, captivating, alluring, and she was finding it difficult to heed her own advice. She found him fascinating on so many levels. He might appear shallow on the first impression, but that wasn’t the case. He used humour to defuse difficult situations and his humour was amazingly witty and insanely funny.

As if that wasn’t enough, when their discussions delved into meaty reality, his hidden depths became very apparent. He was knowledgeable, well-read and his conclusions were smart.

As a journalist, she’d learned to dig deep, separate fact from fiction. So far, she couldn’t find anything to fault and yet she hung back. Self preservation perhaps? Time would indeed tell all.

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