There were a plethora of reasons why Emily should stay away from Gordon Vincent.

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There were a plethora of reasons why Emily should stay away from Gordon Vincent.

Emily was semi-new to the community having moved there only three years prior but during that time, she’d heard all about Gordon’s antics. He was considered the local bad boy and was infamous for his love ’em and leave ’em ways according to local lore, yes indeed, quite the ladies man, old Mr. love ’em and leave ’em according to several chatterboxes. His antics were jabbered about everywhere she went, followed by either a knowing wink or a warning to stay away.

It didn’t help he was incredibly handsome with his rich black hair and velvety chocolate eyes. She’d taken all she’d heard with a grain of salt as it was talk and she hadn’t witnessed any of his so-called romantic activities herself.

What Emily had witnessed, on several occasions, was a generous attentive caring man. When he noticed anyone in difficulty, man woman or child, he stopped to offer assistance. In fact, his actions were completely opposite to the antics for which he was noted.

Although a wealthy man, he dressed in jeans and tees most of the time. His boots were well worn even scuffed and he drove a vintage truck, also a little worn but beautiful for all that. He didn’t seem to mind using it either since she’d seen it loaded with animal dung and smelling less than wonderful or loaded with logs he was taking to his ranch on the outskirts of town. It was obvious he worked hard, so in her opinion, he was entitled to play hard.

Having moved to the little town of Water’s Edge to get away from reminders of her broken engagement, she wasn’t excited about becoming involved with anyone at the moment. Still, his appeal was undeniable and when he turned those beautiful eyes on her, she damn near melted.

Moment of truth. He’d wandered up to her and introduced himself at the fall fair and they’d hit it off. He hadn’t pushed, he hadn’t asked questions, he’d just been there. They’d begun hanging out and doing all kinds of stuff together and she’d been to his ranch a few times. Although a city girl and ranch activities were a stretch, she’d tried her hand at a few activities, such as feeding the horses, wiping them down and she’d even gone swimming in his pool.

The question now, was whether she wanted more if their relationship looked like it might move to another level. Only time would tell. One small step at a time she thought and she’d have her answer.

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