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Amy Warren was dumbstruck. Literally. As a cop on the force for 12 years, the last thing she expected was to become a suspect in an ongoing investigation. She couldn’t find fault with the detective in charge, it was protocol after all.

First on the scene and all…but you’d think the fact she was a fellow detective merited some consideration. She was sure once they investigated her background and verified she was indeed a homicide detective, that would clear the current situation for all concerned.

Amy was on holiday visiting her parents in the small quayside resort they owned and operated. Luckily or not as the case may be, she’d been the one to find the victim, Harry Malibu, sitting on a bench down by the waterfront, who for all tense and purposes, seemed to have fallen asleep. Her parents mentioned he’d been sitting down there without moving a muscle since they’d gone out to the front porch to enjoy their early morning coffee and they were a bit concerned. As a result, she’d offered to go and check for them as they were swamped with clients. He had obviously been murdered.

She immediately got on the phone and called 911 and the local Sheriff, Don Peterson was dispatched to the location to verify and begin an investigation.

He’d heard via the grapevine that she and the deceased had exchanged words the previous day and on top of that, she’d found the body. As a result, all fingers pointed her way.

A lengthy interrogation followed during which she explained she was on vacation, what her job was, who her parents were, and why she’d had an altercation with the man the day before.

He’d become belligerent and disruptive the previous day and she’d stepped in and taken over when he became very loud and obnoxious toward her parents. She wasn’t about to stand for that crap and allow him to browbeat anyone let alone her parents. Words were exchanged, he settled down and left. They hadn’t seen him again until she’d found him on the waterfront.

Detective Peterson knew all about Amy Warren from her five foot ten stature to her beautiful aqua blue eyes, golden-red hair to her birthday, and pretty much everything else there was to know about her.

In his mind, she wasn’t a suspect at all, but protocol demanded he cross the tee’s and dot the i’s as the locals were pernickety that way. He smiled to himself. She was a beautiful woman and incredibly smart as he’d found out during her background check. She was damn good at her job and had closed several cases others had given up on.

“You interested in a little homicide investigating?” he asked as he sat directly in front of her to watch her reaction. If she was surprised or startled, it didn’t show.

“Yeah, why not. I don’t want this hanging over my parents any longer than necessary. They deserve to enjoy their life and their retirement, such as it is. Although in my book, running a resort wouldn’t be my idea of relaxing,” she said with a whimsical smile, “but to each his own I guess.”

“Just so we’re square, I never suspected you from the outset, but you know how it is.”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“So what do we know about this man? Other than he could be obnoxious and was a loner. I never noticed him mingle with anyone or receive any text messages any time he was in the dining room.”

“Divorced, father of a son, Gordon, 18 and according to his ex-wife, they’ve had little to no contact over the years. After the divorce, they went their separate ways and never looked back.”

“So no contact at all between him and his son?”

“None that I could find. The son works as a tech in a large internet company and is brilliant at his job according to his boss. He has been off on leave for a week and he couldn’t say whether he’d gone away or was sick. He simply called in asked for the time and disappeared.”

“Interesting. What of the ex-wife?”

“She’s living with a guy, Barry Baritone, they’ve been together for several years and he and the son weren’t close, they tolerated each other from what I gathered.”

“So we need to clear up where the young man is first of all, and then find out if Mr. Malibu had any enemies, either personal or work related.”

Together, they went through a check list and assigned duties to other officers and took on a large portion of the questioning themselves.

During the course of the investigation, they learned that Mr. Malibu was involved in some very questionable dealings, any number of which could have gotten him killed.

They were currently waiting on the autopsy to confirm what they already knew, that he’d been shot and at a guess by a gun with a silencer.

Amy became involved in the twists of the case and phoned her boss to explain the current situation and he suggested she follow it through for another couple of weeks and he’d continue the timeline as long as possible. He knew she was damn good at her job and hated leaving anything unfinished.

As they worked tirelessly side by side, the two detectives became inseparable spending a large portion of each day together. And what started out as a professional relationship became personal and grew into something very special.

Following five weeks of investigation, they learned that Malibu had threatened a number of people and one of the men he’d threatened had stayed at the lodge as well and left the morning of the man’s death.

Together, they and the department put the pieces together and they were certain he was the culprit. They continued their investigation into the man and his whereabouts and activities and when forensics was finished, they knew without a doubt he was the felon responsible for the victim’s demise.

Together, they drove two counties over and collected him and brought him back for sentencing.

“Well done, detective.”

“I might say the same to you too.” He paused then added, “Any chance you might be looking to stay on, help us out around here?”

“I could and in fact, I’ve asked for an extended leave of absence during which time, I’m all yours.”

“I like the sound of that!” He pulled her close and drew her into a kiss that had her spellbound.

“You have this affect on me…I can’t explain it.”

“The feeling is mutual. I’ve never met or enjoyed anyone as much as I do you. Your witty, sharp, humourous, and delightful in many other ways I could mention.”

“I’d like to see where this goes.”

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