Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

His words and actions offered succor to a crowd of people yearning for answers, for someone to listen, and to the possibility of action. It was overwhelming to those that heard his response.

They turned to look at each other with a mix of shock surprise and relief in their eyes. Several grasped the hands of the nearest individual. “Is it real, is it true, can we count on action do you think?”

“I hope so with all my heart!” I responded. “The look on his face seemed sincere enough. Let’s hope he follows his words with actions, before it’s too late.”

The tenants of the building were excited at the prospect that their homes might be saved. They’d lived in the old building for months to several years in some cases. The owner had allowed the building to fall into near repute but it was salvageable and there were many that loved its architecture, its style and grace. Beyond that, it was home.

Amanda had spent every spare moment working to keep the place going, even going so far as to buy some of the plumbing and electrical required, herself. Especially for the elderly who had lived here for years. It was their sanctuary. In fact, it was hers too.

How she loved interacting with the elderly men and women with such delightful amazing stories to tell. Too often they were doubted and some would look askance at the often lengthy tales or turn away. That was precisely why Amanda enjoyed them. They were rich with detail that made the past live again. For several, they were wonderful times. Lady Harrison as she liked to be called, was in her mid 90’s 90’s for heaven sake, and she had some delightful romances to share. Amanda couldn’t help but think there were parts of that era that were so delightful. At least the way she told it.

Now, however, they were at the crossroads. The new owners weren’t sure they wanted to keep the current status quo and were considering turning the building into a stately home. When asked, they’d said they wouldn’t be living there, but they were sure they’d find someone who would.

Consequently Bradly Carrington was asking for suggestions and input on how to save he building and allow them to keep it as is, with some major renovations. The question was how to accomplish the important and necessary without raising the rents to an exorbitant rate to cover the repairs.

Amanda piped up immediately. Why not rent the top floor out as one unit since it had a spectacular view of the city. They could ask top dollar for it, make sure it was sound proof and give it a separate entrance and parking stall. The rest of the building could be upgraded as far as plumbing or electrical or safety concerns.

Bradly smiled broadly at her suggestion. “Now that’s the type of input we are requiring. Please, if you can think of anything else, that would be greatly appreciated.”

“Perhaps Miss Amanda Garrison could be our go-between when I can’t be on hand and we can work together to resolve the issues we face. What do you think Miss Garrison?”

“I’m game!” she immediately replied.

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