Danny Marshall knew his noxious plan was intended to create dissension among the staff.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Danny Marshall knew his noxious plan was intended to create dissension among the staff. So far, most understood and kept a wide berth from the miscreant. This couldn’t go on much longer without creating the dissent he intended.

Garth Noble had been a troublemaker from the outset and she’d warned her bosses about hiring him. He’d been a rabble-rouser in school and had started down his nefarious path bullying other kids and moving on to vandalism.

If any dared to call him out, they found their tires slashed, car keyed, or set on fire. He’d managed to get away with his criminal behaviour since no one had witnessed the actions. They all knew it was him, but they didn’t have enough proof to charge him.

He’d left in his late teens and disappeared. According to his resume, he’d been in Chicago and had returned to take care of his family home which was now in disrepair. His appearance hadn’t changed much from his scraggly greasy hair to his ill-fitting clothes. He’d added an upgrade, a roughed-up leather jacket, to his ensemble which he obviously assumed made him look tough.

According to the bosses, his resume was stellar. After double-checked his references which indicated he was a changed man, they’d hired him anyway. Danny didn’t believe a word of it, not for a minute. Leopards didn’t change their spots and he didn’t appear to have changed at all neither in looks or attitude. A grim statement considering what a delight his grandmother had been.

Danny had been spent many delightful hours in her company and before she’d passed, she’d lamented that he hadn’t grown out of his teenage anger.

Danny wasn’t shy about making it known that she disliked him and his presence and refused to spend any more time in his presence than was absolutely necessary. This seemed to impress and intrigue him because he continually moved into her space and taunted her.

She had to admit, if he cleaned up, got his act together, he could be attractive indeed. Sparkling blue eyes, rich brown hair and upon close inspection, had muscles to spare. Too bad he couldn’t put those attributes to good use.

They’d had some thefts from the warehouse in the passed few months and the thief was becoming quite bold. The price of the items was going up. At first it was penny-anti, but now the thief was going after major items and had a plan in place that worked well for him since he’d gotten away with it so far.

They’d beefed up security in the warehouse, adding cameras around the inside and outside perimeter but still hadn’t managed to catch the thief.

The dissent Noble was encouraging wasn’t helping matters. There were a few that seemed interested in his antics and she’d noted them all leave together on several occasions after work.

As far as she was concerned, they had run out of options and she’d prepared to take matters into her own hands and spend a few nights in the warehouse office. There she would remain undetected as it was located in the furthest corner and dimly lit with blackout blinds. She’d chosen to keep her secret to herself since she wasn’t sure who was involved in the caper.

Several nights went by without incident. Then on the fifth night of her sojourn, someone entered the premises. They were well prepared because the alarms didn’t go off, the lights didn’t come on and security wasn’t notified. This she knew for a fact as she was sitting in front of the security system and it hadn’t picked up on anything, not the movement, not the break and enter, and she realized she might have bitten off more than she could chew since it was obviously an inside job. Damn it! she thought, this was a dicey situation and she had no one to call for back up should the situation go south.

The same scenario followed during the next four days. She recognized Garth Noble the second he entered, his six four stature gave him away instantly. She was so annoyed and frustrated that she swore aloud. Slapping her hand over her mouth, she waited to see if anyone heard her.

Movement below continued as usual, they were making off with the goods and she desperately wanted to call the police but her hands were tied as they’d surely hear her. Several minutes passed and then all was silent. In case someone doubled back, she waited another twenty minutes before peering outside into the cavernous area below. She didn’t see anyone and couldn’t identify what had been stolen and since they were well equipped, it could have been anything. She definitely felt helpless. The only good bit of news was the identification of one individual. Proving it now, was essential and she hoped the additional cameras they’d had installed would prove worth while.

It was impossible to leave at this point so she again prepared to hunker down for the night. She thought she heard something and peered at the cameras but could find nothing amiss. She couldn’t have been in her makeshift bed more than an hour and was drifting off when she again thought she heard something.

As she stealth fully walked down the ramp outside the office, an arm wrapped around her waist while another covered her mouth and whispered urgently, “Not a sound, Danny, not a single sound, do you hear me?” He waited until she nodded before continuing, “I’m going to remove my hand but you have to be silent, they’re coming back and if they find you here, they will kill you, do you understand me?”

Danny nodded her head vigorously. “Ok, get back into the office, quickly. I’ll try to distract them but that won’t last long before they realize I’m up to something. While they are distracted, get the hell out of here. Use the back door on the left. It’s the only door available without an alarm system and they won’t hear you. When you get out, get to a safe place and call the cops. Promise me you’ll do this. Both our lives are at stake here.”

She wasn’t sure what kind of distraction he intended but if it meant she got out safely, she was definitely game. He was as good as his word. He began carrying on, pitting one against the other, causing quite a stir and she immediately made her move and silently hustled as fast as her shaking legs could carry her out the door he’d indicated and to her car parked a block away before calling the cops.

It couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes before a plethora of cop cars passed where she was sitting, no lights, no sirens, moving at break neck speed toward the warehouse.

The officer on the phone had told her to stay put and they’d find her. They did. One came up to her car window and asked, “Are you, Danny Marshall?”

She vigorously nodded, “Yes. I’m the one who called you.”

After checking out her identification, he allowed her to get out of the vehicle and from the top of the hill, watched as the cops rounded up the culprits responsible for the break in and thefts.

“Thank god!”

“Your lucky to be alive. These aren’t your ordinary criminals, they are gang related. They’d have taken you out in a heart beat. Good thing you had a cop on the inside.”

“What? Who?” she asked in shock.

Just then Garth Noble appeared. “Officer look out!” she grabbed his arm and shook. He quickly turned and smiled. “Good to see you Garth. Great job! We got them all, red handed.”

“My pleasure. I”m looking forward to their day in court.”

Danny’s look of surprised shock brought a lopsided grin to his face. “Danny, I’d like to introduce myself. Garth Noble, an undercover cop with Defense Force.”

She offered her hand and stared. “Well! You could knock me over with a feather. You did a great job masquerading, you had me fooled.”

He laughed, “That was the idea.”

“Tomorrow, we’ll explain everything, for now, get yourself home to your own bed and sleep well. It’s over now.”

Only too happy to agree, she was getting back into her vehicle when she said, “Your grandmother would be proud.”

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