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Maria Langford had lived a long and eventful life. It wasn’t short on history problems or concerns but she and her husband Harold had weathered them all with strength determination and wisdom.

Her motto had been live and let live neither taking sides nor condemning others for their opinions or beliefs. The only time censure was applied was if someone besmirched the family name, relative, or someone working on the property because all were considered family.

Jemma smiled as she remembered one occasion when a man had entered the property and began yelling obscenities at their ranch hand who could have taken care of himself. Still 5’4 fragile of stature Maria Langford had shown up on the front porch with broom in hand and swatted the man repeatedly until he’d backed off. She’d told him that he could return and speak civilly or leave. She promised she’d get her gun if she had to and indeed, it was just inside the door and she was a crack shot.

He’d obviously been taken aback by her vehemence and departed never to return. Jemma still grinned at the story that circulated shortly thereafter about the spitfire on Langford land and you’d better go prepared because you never knew what might happen.

Yes, her grandma was a woman of reckoning, and you’d much rather find yourself on the other side, with her because she didn’t tolerate fools or ignorance.

Emma had often attempted to corner her and ask her to relate some of the family history because she was sure it would have been ripe with intrigue interest and most likely far from dull.

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