Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Sasha loved the freedom of being her own boss. It wasn’t about calling the shots, although that was indeed a benefit, but it was about making the tough calls and difficult decisions.

There were stressful moment to be sure, such as when her business had been in it’s fledgling stage, worrying about bills, whether her business would take off, who to partner with via products, but in the end, it had worked out well.

She’d rubbed shoulders with some generous kind people who knew what struggle was, having started their own businesses and were involved because it meant something. Over the years Sasha had become really good at spotting the loafers, the wannabe’s that weren’t truly interested in anything but themselves. They weren’t the people she hired. She loved mentoring, encouraging and assisting other to grow but she wasn’t about to push pull or tug anyone across the finish line.

Then her sister and husband had passed away in a car accident and their only son, Albert had come to stay. He was an angry belligerent 13 year old. Losing his parents was tough enough, but going through his tumultuous puberty on top added another dimension, and one she wasn’t up on since she had no male siblings.

Consequently, Grayson’s assistance was welcome. They’d been friends for several years and since Albert had come to stay, he’d made a point of popping round quite often and taken the boy under his wing so to speak.

It had been a good development since he made sure to include Albert in a variety of sports and activities until he found one that clicked for the kid. He was great at soccer and was one of the top players on his team.

Not long ago, Albert had come to her and asked why she and Grayson hadn’t become an item. He was obviously interested in her and he figured she quite liked him in return. She’d played it off at the time, not giving it much serious thought until recently. Ever since his question, she’d watched Grayson for tell tale signs. He wasn’t the shy type and she’d thought if he was truly interested, he’d make a move, say something, do something, invite her out for dinner or coffee, but he’d always kept his distance.

She was interested, truth be told, and had been for some time. Her business was established and she had some great friends she regularly spent time with. He was part of that circle too so they saw each other regularly. What’s more, they had a lot in common. She wondered if she should make a move to see what his response would be.

Well, no time like the present, she decided. And after he dropped Albert off, she cornered him and asked if he’d be interested in going to the Low and Behold for a drink. She knew she’d caught him off guard by the startled expression and she’d waited with baited breath until he responded with a grin, “Thought you’d never ask.”

Now it was her turn to be startled. “What?”

“You heard me,” he grinned and nudged her with his shoulder.

“And why was it up to me?” she asked in delighted surprise.

“Cause your a go getter and I figured if you were interested, you’d make a move. I like that in a woman.”

“I like that in a man.”

“Then we’re in good company. See you Wednesday night at seven?”

“Sounds good to me.” She turned and walked away with a smile.

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