Deirdra was driven to paint. Share barely moved from her spot in front of the easel to notice the comings and going happening around her. Her friends loved her and considered her gift both a curse and bane.

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Deirdra was driven to paint. Share barely moved from her spot in front of the easel to notice the comings and going happening around her. Her friends loved her and considered her gift both a curse and bane.

Since her break up with Jeremy, her studio was where you’d likely find her. It was as if she was pouring all her pain sorrow and grief into her paintings which had definitely taken on a darker look, but if that’s what it took to rid her of that piece of garbage, to come back to herself, to heal, then so be it. Still, they kept a watchful eye on her waiting for the moment she’d break free from her self imprisonment.

Deirdra was a strong determined woman and they knew she’d make it through to the other side, and that it would take time. She’d been sideswiped by that piece of crap and it had caught her so completely off guard, it had momentarily knocked her for a loop. Or so they thought.

Once a day, someone checked in on her, made sure she was still eating, getting some rest and forcing her outside for a quick walk since that’s all she would allow for.

Days turned into weeks and now they’d hit the six-month mark. It was time to face the music. They all agreed she needed to step back a pace and see the big picture besides, they were tired of having to deprive themselves of her delightful company. Joanie took the bull by the horns and wandered into her studio as Deirdra set her brush aside and stepped back to stare critically at her painting. “What do you think, Joanie?”

“It’s staggeringly beautiful. All your work is incredible, stunning. As you are.”

That caught Deirdra’s attention and she turned. “Ok, what’s up?”

“Not much, and that’s what concerns us.”

“Ah, I see, you’ve all gotten together for a pow wow, have you?”

“Yes. You need to sit down and hear what we have to say.”

She sighed, but acquiesced and took Joanie’s outreached hand, following as she tugged her into her front room only to find several of her closest friends there. “What a pleasure, hello everyone.”

“Come, sit.” Joanie gave her a gentle shove into an oversized chair and when she had plunked down, handed her a fresh hot brew which she loved.

“Ok, so what’s this then, a meeting of the minds?”

“You could say that.”

“Alright,” Deirdra said, “who wants to go first?”

“I will,” Joanie offered. Taking a deep breath she said, “We all love you to death, you know that right?” At Deirdra’s nod she continued, “Ok. We all know grief takes it’s toll and we all react differently to it. That’s a given. However, having said that, six months has passed and we all felt the need to touch base with you. We’re all equally concerned because you never leave the studio unless we force you to. Don’t get me wrong, your artwork hasn’t suffered but we believe you have. It’s time to break out of this self imprisonment and see the world again. We don’t care whether it’s shopping, going for a coffee, taking a walk along the seawall, dining with any one of us, or attending a party, but we all feel you need to make a change. You’ve become stuck.”

Deirdra looked round at all the concerned faces and her heart melted. “I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to create concern for any of you and I’m touched to the core that you care enough to bring my actions to my attention.”

“Ok, here’s the deal. I was over that piece of crap quite awhile ago, but I found I was on a new path artistically and I really wanted to see where it would take me. I’m delighted with the results and I have a showing in ten days. Barry set it all up and we’re both hoping that the new direction I’ve launched into will be a welcome one. Possibly even draw in new clients.”

They stared at one another, stunned, “We didn’t know. You never said, you brat!” Joanie playfully punched her shoulder.

“I know, I’m sorry, I should have, it’s just that I wanted this to be a surprise, catch everyone off guard. If they thought I’d gone off the deep end for a bit, so be it, that doesn’t worry me. I am sorry for worrying you all. I guess in hindsight, I would have done this differently but I didn’t want to break the rhythm. Can you all forgive me?”

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