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Ridiculous, Harold Morris thought to himself. What was the world coming to? Good is bad! Right is wrong! Up might as well be down. The world had simply gone mad!

His grandsons, Marty and Mark Morris wanted to turn his property into a resort. A resort! The ideal getaway for the rich and lonely hearts of the world. What a load of twaddle! This was his land, he’d worked his fingers to the bone and there wasn’t a moment he’d regretted it either. But to turn it into a vacation spot, share his privacy with the world at large? Never! Never! And he’d said a much. And if they thought for a moment he’d leave his beautiful property to those two yahoos, they had another thing coming.

Consequently, he’d met with his solicitor just that morning, in secret, so there would be no backlash. Upon his death, his entire estate would go to his niece, Emily. She was a woman short of stature but with backbone and as much contempt for the idea as he. He knew she was up to the task of fighting them off. She’d see that his legacy was taken care of.

Harold knew she would be in for a fight, the vultures would look for a loophole to take it away from her, so he left them a sizeable fortune each to do as they pleased, and he’d made sure there were no loopholes they could use to pry the estate away from her.

Everything else went to Emily as a soul heiress to the vast majority of his fortune and his company as well. It was in good standing and would provide her the means to upkeep the place without worry.

Little did Harold Morris know, but his two grandsons had their heads together and were plotting against him at that very moment. Unaware of the new will, they planned an elaborate accident for dear old grand dad that would leave them reveling in all the wealth they could hope for. It must look like an accident so a fall was the plan they’d come up with.

After conning him into taking a walk along the sea wall, they planned to cold heartedly push him off the cliff to his inevitable demise. He simply slipped and fell. Everything was in place and they made sure that dear old Harold was completely unaware of their duplicity.

Their plan went off without a hitch. The old toad was a lightweight and offered no resistance as they shoved him off the cliffs to the rocks below. They turned and stared at each other, the job was done, neither could say anything because they’d both literally had a hand in killing the poor old boy.

Now, to finish up the plan, they had to disappear to the Inn and appear inebriated as though they’d been out pubbing. So far so good, anyone noticing them thought them quite delightfully drunk and smirked behind their hands. Good, that’s what they wanted. Two jolly brothers out for a night on the town without so much as a by your leave.

Little did they know their little plan had already backfired. Two gentleman and their wives were out walking the cliffs and were some distance away. They’d stopped for a breather when they thought they heard someone up ahead. Just as they rounded the corner, they witnessed two men push an older man over the edge of the cliff. As they described it to the police who were immediately dispatched, it was the most helpless hopeless feeling in the world, watching the older man flailing as he went over and the two younger men gleefully pat each other on the back. As they had told the police, it was a moment they’d not soon forget.

Two plain clothed policemen entered the bar and walked up to the two men ostensibly to inform them of their grand father’s death. They looked appropriately shocked and went willingly.

Inside the police station, it was a different story. They spouted their well rehearsed plan and were congratulating themselves on a job well done when the police informed them they were going into a lineup. The first glimpse of concern registered. But why, they asked, they weren’t anywhere near their grand father.

They were ushered into a room next door and the two men and their wives watched through a one way mirror. “Yes, that’s the two men that pushed that poor man to his death.” They all agreed in unison before the women broke into tears. “How could they?”

“Easily mam, they thought they’d inherit his estate. Money, greed, indifference, all together, spelled murder.”

A detective has gone to find Emily and had broken the terrible news and she’d nearly broken down, but managed to hold it together long enough to hear the entire story. “How could they? He was a dear dear man. He’d worked hard his entire life, provided for his family, cared about the land, never done any harm to anyone. Always looked out for his staff. I can’t imagine it.”

“Sorry for your loss mam. There won’t be much of an inquiry. We caught them dead to rights.”

“For that I am indeed grateful.” She broke down and wept them.

The officer asked her if she had anyone she wished him to call to be with her. She explained that her family was long gone and that Harold had been her family for years. “Any close friend or friends then?”

“I’ll be alright, eventually, thank you.”

The detective left with one backward glance at the diminutive woman with such determination and strength and he thought, under different circumstances, he’d love to get to know her better. She was made of the right stuff.

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