Neither adorned themselves outlandishly, their style was simple elegance, more for comfort than anything else, but together they were beautiful.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Melinda Conrad was statuesque, that’s the word for being taller than most of the boys. She’d gotten used to the idea eventually when she realized it had its advantages. Her family teased her endlessly, but they were taller than average as well. At six feet she’d towered over all the boys until high school, then a few caught up. Her height was daunting to most males and she’d eventually learned to live with it.

Consequently, when she’d met Adrian Walker, six-four and built, it was a pleasant surprise. Most tall men she’d noticed, surprisingly preferred shorter women. It wasn’t as though she cared particularly, but it would have been nice if a few preferred someone taller of stature. Adrian Walker, on the other hand, seemed drawn to her and didn’t seem to care one bit about her height. In fact, he seemed incredibly comfortable with the idea.

When she’d asked him about it, he’d said it was a pleasant surprise, and welcome, since he didn’t have to constantly bend or squat down in order to hear her, or in her case, to look into her beautiful blue eyes.

Wherever they went, people stared, they couldn’t help themselves. They were an elegant couple that captured attention, even though it wasn’t their intent. Neither adorned themselves outlandishly, their style was simple elegance, more for comfort than anything else, but together they were beautiful.

They spent a great deal of time together and one day Adrian popped the question, asked if she’d move in with him. She’d said yes, and just like that they were a couple. It constantly astonished amazed and surprised Melinda that they worked together so well. It wasn’t idealistic, no relationship was, but they clicked so well. Finally, someone she could laugh with at the absurdities they faced on a daily bases like special ordering clothes, to bathtubs too short, ovens too low, door frames you ducked to get through.

They expected after many years together, they might grow tired of each other, but instead, they’d grown closer, tighter, fonder and more in love.

When their twins, Sasha and Miranda were born, they’d been delighted. They were nearly identical and with the passing of time, grew nearly as tall as their mother, save two inches and as a family they were constantly teased about their lack of height. Everyone was in on the gambit. It was of course, returned in spades, all the old cliches about the air up there, etc etc.

They lived a good life together and when Adrian passed away one late autumn day, Melinda was consolable. Her lovely man, her partner in crime, in love, in romance, in sharing their beautiful family had gone.

It took several years to finally come to terms with that loss. Her children assisted her and encouraged her to begin dating again, or at least getting out, spending time with friends. Eventually, she was able to greet the world once again. It was still painful when specific memories struck her, but she was making her way back.

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