Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Norbrook Gala had been part of the town’s history since its beginning. Admittedly there had only been a handful of people back then, but they had been adamant about supporting the town and encouraging outside growth and it had worked. Their thriving little town now held a population of 4000 which wasn’t bad considering they were about to celebrate their tenth year anniversary. Donna and Albert Cambridge had always supported the Gala and been generous in their donations, support, and involvement. This year would be no different, even though it was without her husband. He’d been an avid supporter of the town and she’d carried on his legacy as she knew he would have wished. She believed in their little town and having witnessed their growth, was touched and delighted.

Donna was only 32 and her husband had passed as a result of an embolism they hadn’t known about and which hadn’t caused him any problems until that fateful day it had taken him from her. Although she missed him greatly, she was relieved he hadn’t suffered any long term illness and he’d lived a full and rich life. His one and only regret had been their childless state. Unfortunately, they hadn’t been able to conceive and he’d been heartbroken at the news. That’s why the Gala was so important. He’d ensured there was plenty of entertainment and fun for the little ones.

His soul participation had been in thinking of new and interesting games to involve children of all ages and their safety and enjoyment was a must.

As she stood and looked out over the bustling crowd happily enjoying themselves, she felt a real sense of pride accomplishment and pleasure knowing they had been a part of the ongoing growth of the town. Her husband would have been over the moon if he’d known and perhaps he did.

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