Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Maggy Dunmire was a lovely young woman. If I’d described her as a rich red carrot top with elfin green eyes, she would probably have objected. But her hair was carrot top orange, her eyes were elfin green and she was a delicate young woman meaning, she had fine bones and gentle features. The kind of which were once lauded in storybooks and supposedly the most alluring of all women (that is until Marilyn Monroe) whose appearance changed the allure from sassy redhead to platinum blond. I still preferred the sassy redhead with a temper to match.

Therefore, when Maggy Dunmire entered my establishment, Donovan Inc, I was immediately intrigued. I looked forward to sitting with her and learning why she found herself in need of my services as a P.I.

As it turned out, she was being blackmailed by an unscrupulous acquaintance who was aware of certain letters she’d written in her youth that were of a romantic nature, addressed to a married man she’d been infatuated with. If they should become public knowledge, she was concerned the public, and the people for whom she now worked, might consider her unfit for the position she had been hired for at a security firm that looked out for the welfare of its clients. Discretion was a must. Therefore, she hoped I would be able to liberate the stolen documents and negate the nefarious hold Gregory Black currently held over her and would undoubtedly use to his advantage should the occasion arise.

I explained my fees, what would undoubtedly happen and what risk it might incur how I planned on retrieving said documents and liberate them from the hands of the miscreant holding them as a threat over her head but that it might (for her sake) be better to let sleeping dogs lie.

She disagreed, and I found myself hired by said young woman for a flat rate and I assured her I would do everything in my power to get the documents back, short of murder of course. She didn’t find my joke amusing in the slightest.

I was due to meet with her at two and I wasn’t looking forward to breaking the news. The man who had her documents had been found dead. If he was into blackmail, it stood to reason that someone had it in for him and did away with him rather than pay a ransom. Since she’d hired me and I’d been doing some digging, I couldn’t guarantee the police wouldn’t find out about her involvement, the extortion attempt and put her in a precarious position.

I promised her I would do my level best to keep her out of it, but the police weren’t slouches and I was sure they’d find out eventually.

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