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Natalie Woodworth was incensed. And why wouldn’t she be? Her grandmother was ageing and in a delicate state of health and her next-door neighbour was hounding her to sell him half of her property, or at least several feet that abutted his. It seemed he’d miscalculated the amount of room required to place his oversized pool in the far corner of the property. As a result, he wanted to buy up a parcel of her land to accommodate his needs. It was insufferable.

Although her grandmother didn’t seem overly perturbed, Natalie was, on behalf of her grandmother. She and her late husband, Grandpa Harold had worked the land hard for years and built up a business and maintained that land for 50 years.

Therefore, she was about to meet the esteemed Graham Montrose in a half an hour to ask him to stop hounding her grandmother. She hoped it went well, but if it didn’t, she wasn’t above threatening him with legal action, the harassment of her grandmother.

Grandma Rose had asked her to come down and stay for a few days and the timing was excellent for Natalie had just finished writing her latest novel and was due for a break. She was only too ready to give the jackass a piece of her mind.

Finally he arrived at the restaurant, an elegance place that included fine dining and an excellent meal. She hadn’t bothered ordering since she wasn’t sure how long she’d be there, but she hadn’t eaten and her tummy was reminding her of that fact at the moment.

She straightened as she noticed him arrive. Not that she knew what he looked like, but her grandmother had described him often enough that she recognized him on sight. As he walked toward her, she sized him up. A good six feet with an elegant gate. His stride long and determined was elegant and natural. He’d dressed appropriately so that was something in his favour she decided.

“Natalie Woodworth?” he said.

“Mr. Montrose.”

“You look uncannily like your grandmother. I could tell in an instant. I can imagine her having the same ebony hair, blue eyes and slight build. It’s amazing really.”

“Thank you. I consider that a compliment as I adore my grandmother. Please, sit.”

He did so, with grace and an inherent elegance that annoyed her for no particular reason. “I haven’t eaten and was about to order. Can I get you anything?”

“I understand they make a wonderful steak salad,” he hinted.

At her nod, the waiter appeared, “Two steak salads, I’ll have black coffee…” she waited and he asked for the same. The waiter left and there was a momentary silence.

“I’m delighted you arranged this meeting, Ms. Woodworth. I’ve been hoping to settle this issue for some time, but your grandmother keep delaying. She’s quite adorable really and I have been wondering why she’d been see-sawing on the question of selling the land. She’s been back and forth a number of times.”

At her stunned look he continued, “I take it you were not aware of this?”

Their coffee’s arrived and she sipped silently before answering. “What exactly do you mean by see-sawing?”

“She holds out a carrot of hope, intimating she might consider it, then when pressed, backs off. Frankly, although I adore her, I’m tired of the game. I’d truly like an honest straightforward answer.”

Natalie was unnerved at his statement. He’d caught her off-guard. Her grandmother had never once suggested she’d intimated or hinted at selling that portion of land. She was, as a result, slightly annoyed.

“It seems I am at a disadvantage them. I was under the impression that you were pressing my grandmother and she wasn’t interested in selling and consequently, I made a trip down here to find out the facts and settle this once and for all.”

“It’s admirable that you care for your grandmother, but I think the lovely lady in question had an ulterior motive. Having met you, I’m beginning to wonder if it wasn’t a ploy to get the two of us together.”

“I haven’t the foggiest idea and I’d be somewhat shocked and annoyed at her playing matchmaker. She’d never done so before, and this would indeed be a first.”

“Perhaps the two of us should play along with her game for a bit, see where it leads.”

“What do you mean?”

Their meal arrived and throughout, they discussed different scenarios to play out and return the amusement factor to her grandmother. By the end of the meal, they had a plan in place and were delighted at the prospect.

As she drove away, Natalie had to smile. Her grandmother was quite the character, and this was one aspect she’d never considered or expected. The idea held merit and she found she was intrigued both by the plan and the man.

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