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appease banal albeit gallivant connote

Godfrey Merch was a great detective, lauded, liked, most of all smart and witty. He was definitely old school and about to retire. He would be missed because he was brilliant at his job.

He was a well educated man who came from money. No one was sure whether his parents had agreed with his choice of work, police work, instead of forwarding the family business, but he’d been good at it.

He loved to use language that made people laugh or look sideways since they weren’t well-used words in this day and age. He could often be heard describing a crime scene thusly! ‘The dead man was found next to a glowing fireplace connoting friendship relaxation. A paradox! since he’d been found bludgeoned beside it.’

If family seemed unperturbed by a relative’s death, he might say, ‘No need to appease the relatives, they seem quite accepting of the man’s death. Strange don’t you think?’

One of the all time favourites among the other detectives was his explanation of the incident, ‘Tragic, albeit not unexpected considering the man’s age. What did he expect gallivanting about that way?’

His language was always descriptive, spot on and hinted at possibilities they might not have considered. He was a delight and a force to be reckoned with if you were on the other side of the law.

Indeed, his presence would be sorely missed. When one detective asked what he would do upon retirement, he’d explained, “Become an education advocate, of course.” That made them all smile, for he could do it, he really could.

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