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Amundsen’s parting admonished, “Be discreet!” in that churlish voice and scrunched up face he seemed to think added a no-nonsense look to the statement was redundant. If severe was what he was going for, he was wrong. Wrong on two accounts.

Although the Breckon family weren’t royalty, they were the next best thing, connected (several family members to the right) and as such, treated with kid gloves. Not that they all deserved that consideration, quite the contrary on several occasions.

Jonie Harrison was the lead detective on the case and knew Frank Marsdon (had grown up with him in fact) therefore knew more about him than most on the force. He was a friend of the Breckon family and had met his end in a fall off a tall cliff. He was “betrothed” as Amundsen had put it, to Claire Breckon and therefore the case must be treated accordingly.

Bah humbug! Jonie thought. When it was murder, all bets were off. And she was leaning toward murder since he was an avid hiker, knew the area and was prepared for the terrain so it was unlikely and suspicious that he’d be careless enough to fall.

And since he was in great shape, muscled, and used to hiking, it would take another strong individual to knock him off or he’d have to have been caught completely off guard. Still even then, he was a strong man and he would have dived backward to land on the path.

There were two sets of footprints. One set clearly belonged to the victim. Someone had taken care to try and erase the others, but hadn’t completely succeeded. After all, it would look extremely suspicious if the vic’s footprints were erased and would raise even more questions and raise more doubt. As it was, whoever had killed Frank Marsdon was caught in a bind. Everything they’d found pointed toward murder.

Now she had to find out who and why. Was Marsdon involved in anything shady, was it jealousy, was there a secret involved that someone wanted to hide and would Marsdon’s death accomplish that task? Or did someone have concerns about his joining the “illustrious” family?

No time like the present to start asking those hard questions, the ones no one wanted to answer, or face.

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