Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

“Your efficacy is well known Jones. It’s why we hired you. So far, you’ve let us down on this one. What’s the matter with you?”

“Nothing at all, Sir. It’s only been two days.”

“Two days too long, my friend. The powers that be are in an uproar of course from the mayor on down. Pressure is being brought to bare.”

“Yes, Sir, I am aware.”

“All the b.s. out of the way, where are you on the case?”

“We’ve determined that Harold Godfrey’s last known where-about other than where he was found, was at the soon to be in-laws. They’d enjoyed an evening of it and he’d left, according to the group, with Jerome Mandolin. The father indicated they weren’t even slightly tipsy as they’d only enjoyed a brandy together before taking their leave.”

“Any idea how he got to where he was found?”

“I’ve interviewed cabbies and carriages alike, so far, no one has been able to answer that question.”

“What of this Mandolin fellow?”

“We woke him from a sound sleep this morning at a little after ten. He was shocked at the turn of events apparently.”

“Did he give any indication what they’d done after leaving?”

“Yes, they went to play billiards at a billiard match that was set up weeks ago. There were, let’s see,” checking his notes, he continued, “four other players present. All have been questioned, and so far, their alibis stand.”

“Did he have any known enemies?”

“None that we could find. He seemed a likeable enough chap and everyone that worked with him said he was quite a lark, with a great wit and sharp as a tack.”

“Well, keep digging then, Jones. I’ll update the powers that be for the moment. Keep me in the loop with all developments will you please!”

“Certainly sir.”

Walking out the door, Jones shook his head. He hated these type of cases. The well to do always had enemies, and friends in high places. It was always a game of walking on egg shells and always took longer to find the culprit as a result. He sighed and continued walking.

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