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Going to change this to fragile.

Amelia Camden had been a real estate agent for six years and stuck with it through thick and thin meaning there had been good times and difficult times in the business. Well, it was a burgeoning business and hers, so she didn’t have much choice. In reality, she could have hung up her shingle and walked, she had enough money saved up since she was the frugal sort, but she’d continued and as a result met many wonderful clients, some of whom had become friends.

Today she was going to view the Amerton House. As homes go, it was as stately and beautiful as they came. A true Heritage House maintained in all it’s glory although the electrical plumbing and heated had been updated. She’d heard the workmanship had been impeccable, or so she’d heard. Nothing of the original look had been lost. It was exquisite and she could barely contain her excitement and eagerness to witness it first hand.

Unlocking the front door, she walked inside. It was as she suspected, refined elegance was her first impression and all she could think of to describe its beauty.

She stood for a moment and soaking it the beauty of the stately columns made of solid oak, stained a beautiful deep auburn flanking the entrance, carrying on up the curved staircase. Pristine marble floors and elegant but brilliant stained glass flanked the doors.

An audible hmhm was heard and she swiveled to look for the source. “Hello. I didn’t want to startle you.”

“Thank you. I was so enjoying this beautiful entrance.”

“There’s more to come.”

“I’m sure.” Walking toward the gorgeously handsome man with rich black hair, mustache and beautiful rich brown eyes, she enjoyed the view and watched a smile play around beautifully shaped lips. “Amelia Camden.” She held out a well-manicured hand and he took it in his and squeezed firmly.

“Jeremy Frances. Architect and…”

“And the man responsible for the updates and I might add, seamless renovations.”

“Yes, that would be me.”

She walked forward and ran a hand lovingly over the wood, “Exquisite workmanship.”

“Thank you.”

They continued side by side and when they reached the kitchen, she couldn’t help but gasp. “Wow!”

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Was this added on afterward? Surely it wasn’t here when the home was built!”

“It was. Although at some point within the last 100 years, it was attached to the home. The greenhouse has every variety of herb and plant imaginable.”

They made there way inside, enjoying the canopy overhead, the smell of rich earthy soil and he beauty of fragile flowers contained within.

“Do they have a gardener on site?”

“They did, until recently. Whoever buys the property will have to hire someone.”

“My god, this is so gorgeous. If only!”

“Couldn’t agree more! I hope that whoever buys this appreciates it to the fullest extent and doesn’t let it slide.”

“I suppose you don’t get to choose the client?”

“No,” she looked sideways at him and continued, “but I get as much pertinent data as possible and marry the individual up with the home. I know their tastes well. Hopefully, I’ll find someone that appreciates this home for what it is. It will absolutely be my number one priority for this beauty!”

As the continued through from room to room and floor to floor, they took turns (almost as if rehearsed) in pointing out the exquisite nature of mantles, beams, window coverings and turned to laugh into each other’s eyes.

“I can see your a man after my own heart. You enjoy beauty and quality.”

“I do indeed.” He paused, “Would you be open to a dinner date?”

“Yes, I would. I won’t be free until Saturday, I’m booked solid with clients until then.”

“Saturday sounds wonderful. I have a perfect spot in mind. Casual but beautiful.”

“Intriguing! You have my interest.”

“Delighted to hear it.”

She handed him a business card and wrote her personal phone number on it. “You can reach me here most of the time.”

“Hand me your phone.” After looking questioningly at him she did as asked and he added his name and phone number to her list of contacts. “I don’t have a pen and paper, but this works best anyway.”

“Saturday, say seven, here?”

“I’ll be here.”

The tour finished and they headed out to the garden. “So much love and attention to the property. So beautiful!”

“Indeed! I couldn’t agree more.”

He watched the gorgeous woman walk away. She was most intriguing. Unlike any other sales agent he’d ever encountered. She cared, truly cared. It was a delightful surprise.

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