Mandy decided that last half hour was the most interesting interlude of her life. Unexpected, humorous, entertaining and fun.

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Mandy decided that last half hour was the most interesting interlude of her life. Unexpected, humorous, entertaining and fun.

She’d been sitting in the park, half-reading her book, enjoying the sun and fresh air when a family showed up and set a blanket out on the grass along with what she assumed was a picnic basket. They settled the little one on the blanket along with some toys to entertain her and stretched out on either side of her and propped books up that they read aloud to each other. They weren’t the same books, that was obvious, but they took turns reading a couple of paragraphs from each book.

Although she couldn’t hear every word, what with the other noises round about and the wind whispering rather loudly, it was absolutely enthralling watching the by-play between the two. They gestured wildly and enthusiastically while changing their voices according to the parts they were reading, each one watching the other intently through-out their performance. It was like watching performers perform acts. What was even cuter, the little one would glance up from her toys and giggle at the antics of either parent, momentarily as captivated as she was at watching.

At least an hour passed before they took a break, and sitting up, setting their books aside, they opened and displayed the contents of their lunch from the basket. Easily eaten foods, carrots, celery, a sandwich or two and something bottled in a canister that appeared to be coffee since it was steaming. The baby was given a cracker or something like it, and munched happily sitting between her parents, content as a bug on a rug.

It was a moment in time Mandy wouldn’t soon forget because the love tranquility interchange and reactions were so real, so pure of heart, so delightful that it brought a tear of joy to her eye.

As she rose to leave, taking one last glance at the delightful family, the man raised a hand and waved a greeting which she returned with delight. The woman turned and raised her hand as well and smiled. Mandy said, “Your a complete delight. I’m so glad I was here today.” She wasn’t sure they heard her but they smiled so perhaps they had.

Making her way back home, a good miles walk, she contemplated the afternoon with joy. No, it wasn’t your usual family get together; it was most unique, most delightful, and most of all, touching. In fact, if she were to include it in one of her writings, she doubted anyone would believe it, but it was so. What’s more she’d been the only witness to the event which made it all the more special.

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