As long as Darlene Watson had worked in conjunction with the homicide squad, she’d watched her boss, Ian McPherson twitch when he was annoyed by an outcome he didn’t like.

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

As long as Darlene Watson had worked in conjunction with the homicide squad, she’d watched her boss, Ian McPherson twitch when he was annoyed by an outcome he didn’t like. Today was no different in that regard, but it was more interesting in that the twitching was endless. Usually, he twirled his mustache to get a handle on it, but today, even dragging his fingers through his mustache wasn’t helping.

It was all she could do not to laugh outright. In an attempt to avoid that eventuality, she half turned and covered her mouth with her hand and stared out the window. Ian McPherson continued to pace back and forth between his desk and the window, turning back and pacing the same path once again.

Ian was a distinguished-looking gentleman. His slightly graying hair and handlebar mustache along with his six-foot height and slender build and the stern baring he attempted usually garnered him a second look. When he was in a tithey such as now, he was quite striking. You certainly knew he meant business and that something had gotten under his skin

Finally, he stopped pacing and turned to face her. Miss Watson, you are aware we have four cases on the go and that two of them appear to connect it seems. Bradford and Douglas are working on the Standford case, and you and Bart are working the Mitchell case. It has come to light that there is a connection between Mitchell and Standford (they are both in the drug trade) ant it now appears that there was a hit out on Mitchell and he’s turned informant and that has resulted in his requiring round the clock police protection until we can get him into a safe house.

It wasn’t completely surprising they were connected on some level since both covered for the other on numerous occasions, but that Mitchell was willing to turn on Standford was a surprise. They’d been thick as thieves since forever and this was indeed a major turn of events.

She knew better than to interrupt her boss when he as on a roll, so she took a seat and waited.

“You’ll have to take turns babysitting I’m afraid, and while I realize it is an unenviable situation, we need the information Mitchell has to take Standford down. By incriminating Standford and turning states evidence, he’s taking himself and his current crew out of the running as well. It’s a game changer. The only question is who will take over their positions when they go down.”

“I want the four of you to co-ordinate and keep in constant communication and hold the line on this. It will be huge (covered by the media) since the mayor has taken a particular interest and will no doubt use it to get re-elected in the fall.”

“There’s a concern that Mitchell might pull out of the deal, so it’s a rabbit in a hat routine for the moment, but we’ll treat it as though it’s a permanent arrangement, not to mention we’ve put pressure to bare on him. If he reneges on the deal, he’ll go all the way down, by himself.”

“I see. That definitely adds an element to the situation, but we’ll do our job as we always do, this expertise, precise attention to detail, and we’ll nail the culprit.”

“Your confidence does you proud. Let’s see we follow through. It’s in everyone’s best interest to be honest.” He smiled and looked at her and added, “No pressure!”

She couldn’t help but mile. “I’m on it!” she assured him as she stood to leave.

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At his behest, they'd interrupted their ongoing investigation for a face to face. It was annoying and inconvenient but he was the Mayor.

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