Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Darlene Watson and Benjamin Bartholomew (Bart as he was commonly called) had only been working the new angle on the case for four hours when they were asked downtown to the Mayor’s office. At his behest, they’d interrupted their ongoing investigation for a face to face. It was annoying and inconvenient but he was the Mayor.

When McPherson delivered the news, he wasn’t any more pleased than she and Bart, especially since the interruption was a nuisance and unnecessary as they could face time, they had a dedicated line after all, or there was…the phone! As he turned, he rolled his eyes and headed back to his office. Darlene and Bart smirked not because they thought it funny but because it was a rare gesture on McPherson’s part.

Strolling across pristine marble floors and wide-open entrances, that lead off who knew where they were escorted up a meandering flight of stairs to the Mayor’s inner sanctum. While most offices were drenched in old wood primarily oak or the like, Monihan’s office was bright and cheery. Modern tapestries hung on the walls in shades of colours outlined through massive windows, immersing the room in gentle elegance. All the preexisting windows had been replaced with bulletproof glass so he could enjoy an uninterrupted view overlooking a park-like setting with a river in the distance. How he managed to get any work done was beyond Darlene. She couldn’t pull her gaze away until he spoke.

As he rose to greet them he held out a welcoming hand. “Pleased to meet you, Detective Watson and Bartholomew.” If ever Colonel Sanders had a doppelg√§nger, it was Monihan with his stark white hair, mustache and black glasses. Whether it was his intent to further that concept or not, the likeness was remarkable and Watson was sure every first-time visitor was taken aback at the uncanny resemblance.

“I know your busy so I’ll keep this brief since we want this matter closed. As you know, it’s an election year, and my campaign hinges on catching drug dealers and the punks that have begun to harass our noble citizens. I’ve made a point of ensuring our fellow town’s people justice will be served swiftly in all such matters. As a result, I want your assurance that you are doing everything in your power to make sure this case is dealt with speedily and has your undivided attention. I’ve asked McPherson to put his best people on it and I’m assuming that’s you.”

“We can assure you we will do our very best as it’s a priority for us too.”

“Indeed. If you need anything, anything at all, you have only to say so…if it’s more manpower, whatever, you’ll have it, I’ll see to it personally.”

“Thank you Mayor. That will definitely be an asset I’m sure.”

“Right, well, keep me in the loop will you? I want to know on a daily bases what changes are happening, what might be impeding you and how I can help.”

“Yes, Mayor, you shall have it.” Darlene assured him as she rose.

“Tell your esteemed boss I said hello.” He immediately turned to pick up papers off his desk, and as dismissals went, it was final.

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