The time had come for the judges to make their choices and a hush fell over the entire audience.

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The entire exhibit was stunning. Sandy Bronson, the curator of the event couldn’t have felt more exhilerated or proud. Unique art created by as yet unknown artists, eagerly displaying their work (in some cases) for the first time, for the world to see. Literally, all the world, because this year’s exhibit would be televised, not just locally, but throughout the world.

Sandy Bronson was equally excited and nervous. Since she’d handled the event for the past three years, she’d been asked to co-ordinate again this year and on a much larger scale. Internationally! A coo not only for participants but for her as well if the event garnered favourable press.

Admittedly it had been a bit of a roller coaster ride. There had been some issues this year she hadn’t previously encountered or been required to deal with. A larger venue was a must and had taken considerable work to obtain since they were on a tight budget. Problems with lighting, electrical and food relating to specific artists had meant creativity and doggedness to ensure all went according to plan.

One or two of the artists were temperamental but since everyone was excited about the coverage, most had reigned their ego’s in. Largely because they didn’t want to ruin their chance at the unprecedented exposure (for a pittance) that could set their career on fire.

She’d been told that several big named artists were planning on attending, whether out of curiosity or concern she wasn’t sure, but it should create intrigue and interest. More importantly, they’d asked four judges, one per category, to examine each display and choose a winner who would receive a $5,000.00 prize. Needless to say, the entire place was humming with excitement.

The time had come to open the doors. First, spectators, some choosing to sit others to roam and after welcoming everyone, Sandy introduced the judges for each category with great respect and aplomb and a delighted hum descended on the place. Excitement was high as heard in the delightful hum of voices as visitors roamed the exhibits. There were obvious favourites as several exhibits were overrun with people standing round them.

Sandy had watched with delight, the joy excitement and sheer awe in the eyes of some of the participants as their favourite artists examined their work, clearly enamoured with the chosen judges.

The time had come for the judges to make their choices and a hush fell over the entire audience. Who would be the lucky recipient she wondered? There were so many to choose from. She was as excited as if she were the one entered to win.

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