Although some might consider it an onerous task, Lila felt honoured to have been chosen to revamp the run-down garden and couldn’t wait to dig in.

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Although some might consider it an onerous task, Lila felt honoured to have been chosen to revamp the run-down garden and couldn’t wait to dig in. It had obviously been beautiful in its day, and with her help, would be again.

Remnants of what it had once been clear in her mind’s eye, she envisioned climbing plants by the old oak tree, perhaps vibrant purple Clematis surrounded by grape plants on either side with white Alyssum growing front and center. The rose bushes required pruning but were in remarkable shape considering they’d been allowed to ramble for the last few years. With some pruning and re-direction, they would be exquisite, once again filling the far corner of the garden with their heady scent.

She’d have to re-plant the grass which was overgrown in areas and sparse in others, but that wouldn’t take much, some seeds and water and it would be a beautiful expanse of green once again.

As Lila toured the garden her mind filled with possibilities. She’d been given cart blanch and she fully intended bringing this garden back to what it once was, lush, vibrant and aromatic with scents. The prospect was both exhilarating and delightful.

As she wandered, she made notes and drew sketches of a variety of flowers shrubs and plants that would look good in each location, determined only by the amount of sunlight and or shade it received. Colour pallets danced in her minds eye. She’d return later in the day when the sun was at it’s brightest and then again toward late afternoon or early evening.

When she returned to her garden center, she began pulling plants and shrubs, arranging them according to the sketches she’d made trying out a variety of designs. Lila had nearly settled on several possibilities when it was time to return to the garden and watch the changes in light. It wasn’t as though she wasn’t aware of the sun’s direction, but seeing is believing and always highlighted ideas and colours that would work during each part of the day.

Lila arrived and found another vehicle in the parking area and wondered who it might be. Grabbing her sketchbook and a couple of the plants she’d brought along, she wandered through the side gate and into the lovely expanse of yard. A sigh of pleasure escaped her as she walked toward the left side of the yard where a few scraggly blooms remained and plopped two pots down.

Hunched down, she began moving the earth around testing the condition of the soil to determine what type of fertilizer was necessary as well as how much topsoil she should bring in. Lifting a handful of dirt to her nose, she sniffed deeply. Surprisingly, it was in very good shape. It may require some fertilizer to assist the new growth, but it smelled heavenly.

So involved in thought was she, she didn’t notice the approach of the tall well-toned man, dressed in khaki shorts and white shirt until she noticed his booted feet standing beside her and she fell over backward on her rump. Quickly looking up, she noticed vibrant chocolate brown eyes, nearly black hair and a smile to brighten the sky.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. I noticed you wandering and I had to come satisfy my curiosity. ” He paused then added, “From the plants, I’m assuming your the gardener I hired.”

Quickly standing, swiping at her butt, she offered a hand, “Lila Ferguson.”

“Ian Mack. The new owner of this lovely place. I heard you were the best so I got on it straight away. I love gardens and this was once a beauty I’m told, and I want that again.”

“Yes, I understand it was although that was a bit before my time. I was going over some sketches and I brought a couple of plants too. I’m interested in the light and shadows, and placement.”

“I’m not a gardener, but I appreciate them and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in mind.”

“Would you like to take a look at my sketches?”

“Certainly, although I wouldn’t know a primrose from an azalea.” He laughed. “I enjoy their beauty without equivocation. ” Adding, “My mother was an avid gardener and I grew up enjoying her gardens.”

Lila took the time to explain her vision and although he nodded, she knew from the confused look on his face, he had no idea what she was talking about although he seemed to enjoy the process.

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