Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt

Marisa had never heard such caterwauling in her life. It was like listening to a whining child or a forlorn pup. What the hell? she wondered. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she finally stood and walked to her apartment door, opened it and peered out. A man was being cuffed and taken away by the police.

The officer noticed her and shrugged, “Unbelievable!” he uttered handing the man off to another officer.

“I thought someone was dying at the very least!” Marisa remarked.

“No, no, just a disgruntled druggy caught buying from an undercover cop. He’s thinking twice about life in general I’d say.” Then heading toward her he said, “Detective Lawrence Fisher.”

“Marisa Longsford.” She laughed, “Do we shake hands or…”|

He smiled in return. “Why not?”

After shaking hands, Fisher asked, “You know much about your neighbour, Mr. Clark?”

“Thankfully, no. I’ve passed him in the hallway a few times, but I usually hustle on by. He’s a little weird.”

“Yes, I imagine so.”

“Ever taken note of the comings and going, people visiting?”

“Not really, sorry. I stay to myself mostly, I work from home and I usually have my nose buried in the computer. Well from nine to five anyway, and then I usually work on other things.”

“Hopefully he won’t be a problem for you or our neighbours now. He’s going away for a long while. We caught him red-handed.”

“That’s good.”

“You still on the clock or can you stop for a cup of coffee?”

“Certainly. I’d love one.”

As they entered her medium-sized apartment, he was hit by the warmth, the glow, the welcome it offered. “Beautiful,” he remarked.

“Why thanks. I love it, personally.”

“You an interior decorator or designer?”

Laughing she replied, “No, not at all. I write, for a journal among other things, but if I had a second passion, it would be design or working with colour.” Handing him the poured coffee, she sat on he sofa while he settled in a wing back chair.

“It’s beautiful. I’m not really given to noticing such things, but this is outstanding. Encourages you to sit and stay awhile.”

“Thanks. That’s probably the nicest compliment I’ve ever received.”

“If you’re ever interested in making some extra money, I’d love to see what you could do with my place.”

“Ooh, I’m up for the challenge. House or apartment?” she asked.

“House. It was my grandparents. I inherited it. It has history, memories. I like it. It needs an update though. And if this is an example of what you do, I think you’re the person for the job.”

“Tell me when and where…” she smiled.

They talked for a bit longer, about what his job, the house, and he said, “Well, I have to go. I can only prolong the chat for so long under the pretense of obtaining information, but here’s my number. Give me a call when you are able to schedule some time to come and have a look. Then we can discuss possibilities.”

She held the card out and remarked, “I have Saturday and Sunday off this week, if that’s any help.”

“Perfect, why don’t I pick you up at around 1:00, you can have a look and after we can enjoy lunch somewhere.”

“Sounds delightful. I’m looking forward to it,” she replied as she walked him to the door.

Well, this could be interesting, she thought as she brought the card to her lips and tapped it against them. He was a looker, he seemed pretty intelligent and he obviously had good taste. She was definitely looking forward to their next encounter to find out what would happen next. If anything.

Detective Fisher was equally enamoured. A very pretty woman, with smarts, obviously talented on several fronts. Since he hadn’t entered the dating scene in nearly a year, he was a little excited at the prospect of spending time with such a creative soul. He didn’t see much creativity in his line of work, unless you counted the creative venues some used on each other. He was really hoping this could be something. He was definitely intrigued and that said a lot, since little intrigued him these days.

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